On the road once again…

On the road again

Well, here I go on the annual PowWow Trail once again. I’ll be stopping in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to visit family. I also hope to be meeting up with some kink friends and possibly to make some new kink acquaintances.

I’ve been procrastinating on my packing again, because there are so many little things to take care of due to my vendor’s booth. That and my sister left some stuff she bought during her trip here earlier this spring that she wants me to bring down to her. Of course, trying to fit it all into my Saturn wagon will be a challenge.

I am also hoping to do a bit of photography to add to my portfolio while I am down there. Last year I got some gorgeous shots of a foggy afternoon in Peggy’s Cove. This year I am going to look for some other picturesque locations; perhaps some fishing villages such as Lunenberg.

I’d also like to make it into Halifax, as a friend of mine who is stationed there is being relocated and I’d like to spend some time with him before he moves next month.

So, all in all, a pretty full agenda; but I will mostly be winging it rather than sticking to a strict schedule — I try to prioritize stuff, but don’t want to feel bad if I can’t tackle everything during one trip. I’d go down home more often, but the price of gas does tend to limit these sorts of trips nowadays.

Anyways, I must get back to the last of the packing and hopefully hit the road tonight. I always prefer to do the first leg of the trip at night, since there is so little traffic and it is very relaxing. It will also be much more enjoyable now that I have my new iPod with me, so that I can listen to my own music and not be stuck with some of the insipid radio stations along the way.

~ Mistress Jade

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