Moose, Deer and Bunnies, Oh My!

Moose Road

Quick notes from my trip:

One of the local wild urban bunnies was on my front yard as I left, sitting near my car tire. He wasn’t scared of me at all, even when I approached within 3 feet. He just moved off about two hops and camly continued to munch on the grass as he watched me drive off.

The drive was relatively uneventful, except for driving through the backwoods of Plaster Rock park at dusk. I came across 4 separate moose actually crossing the road (3 bull moose and a juvenile), 3 deer alongside the road and 4 wild rabbits. I tend to keep a real close eye on the roadside at dusk, because there is nothing like having an 800 to 1,000 pound moose smash through your windshield to ruin your trip…

My uncle was nice enough to have staked out a site and setup my tent frame for me. I spent part of early Friday putting up the wraparound screen, and cutting down some of my tarps, taping the edges and clipping them to the side to serve as adjustable sunshades. I’m glad I took the extra time, because Saturday was a blistering 33°C in the shade and Sunday started off hot but the afternoon had a horrendous downpour with strong winds. Didn’t do as well as I’d like with my vendor sales, mostly due to the rainy weather on Sunday.

Had to wait until Monday to leave, as I had to let my screen tent dry out somewhat before packing it up. My Mom and I got on the road about 2pm, after treating ourselves to one of those amazing strawberry ice cream shortcakes offered at the local ice cream driveup. Stopped briefly at Magnetic Hill as a break and to indulge in a Hooker’s Beavertail pastry (same company as in Ottawa’s Bywater market, as from one of my May blogs).

Gotta run,

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

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