Maritime Trip notes continued…

Waterfront Rope

More notes from my trip (July 21-23rd):

On Friday afternoon (the 21st), I experienced problems with my car key suddenly; it would go in the ignition, but not be able to turn. I tried all the usual suspects — turning the steering wheel, various pressures, etc. — with no success. Since I was at a Canadian Tire when this happened, I even got their mechanics to look at it. They tried graphite spray, with no more success. They suspected that either my key was worn out or that my ignition my need to be replaced.

I contacted the closest Saturn dealer (an hour’s drive away) in Dartmouth and they suggested that I come to them on Monday to get a replacement key made. So, I was without a car for the weekend, which severely cramped some of my original plans.

However, when I did get my new key, it proved that was indeed the problem… I never knew that one can actually wear out a car key! (Well, it was made of brass, which is a softer metal, and I do travel and use my car a lot… but still…)

I did manage to borrow my Mom’s car late on Sunday night, in order to meet up with a friend of mine from a previous trip — J, the owner of the Top Floor Dungeon in the Maritimes. Last time I had seen him was during their wonderful Halloween weekend-long party last fall, when Kink TV dropped by to do some filming for their Atlantic Canada series.

J and I spoke for a few hours over a number of topics, including some of the amazing dungeon furniture that he makes. He has created or modified most of the play furniture for Mistress Patricia Marsh’s dungeon in Toronto.

I have spent quite some time over the past two years searching for just the perfect portable spanking bench and when I visited J’s dungeon, I had finally found it… It had many of the features that I had liked on several different pieces, all in one place. It was much more adjustable for a variety of body sizes; which is important for me since I have the opportunity to play with a variety of play partners. I wanted something portable and that could easily be discreetly stored away flat in a corner when not in use. So, we are currently discussing the possibility of having one custom-made for me sometime this fall or winter…

(Photo is one I took while walking on the Halifax waterfront boardwalk)

~ Mistress Jade

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