Daily Archives: July 30, 2006

On My Way Home…

Covered Bridge

The day I left from Nova Scotia, my Mom was also packing up for a trip to Cape Breton, so the house was a bit chaotic. After another late night, I tried getting up early enough to be on time for the opening of the online registration of Midori’s Rope Dojo that is being held on the weekend of October 28 & 29th in Montreal.

I had a touch of panic when the registration wasn’t operating yet, as it stated that it would open at 6am Pacific time. I would be heading on the road soon and wouldn’t necessarily have another chance to try until I got home. I remember how fast Midori‘s previous Rope Dojos had sold out and wanted to make sure that I could register for our two spaces.

I remained calm and ran a few last minute errands around town; including picking up a handful of good quality riding crops and two dressage whips from the local agricultural Coop for some friends back home. When I returned to finish packing my wagon, I tried the registration process one more time — Success! What a relief! So, Michael and I are now registered for Midori’s Rope Dojo and we are really looking forward to it.

I left on the road at the same time my Mom left and we waved again as we went our separate ways. Although I did not manage to get as many things done on my to-do list that I would have liked (primarily due to the weather and my car key crisis); it had still been very enjoyable to spend time with my Mom and my older sister.

The first leg of my trip to Fredericton was relatively uneventful and I pulled up to Dooleys at around 8:45 pm. I had made last minute arrangements to meet with some of the local kink community on my way back home. I was greeted by two friendly locals, Bob & Mad and we sat in the comfy couches near the fireplace to exchange some stories and share experiences. We had some interesting discussions including comparing & contrasting our respective kink communities — quite the difference! It was a fun experience and I am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity to stop there again, hopefully with more lead time so that more people could make it out for an informal munch type gathering.

I stopped for a quick bite to eat before continuing on the road around 11 pm. About a half hour afterwards, it started to rain, a little while later and it was an absolute downpour. Even with my Rain-X rain repellant on the windshield it quickly became undriveable, so I found a safe rest-over place at a 24hr truck stop/restaurant/gas station and slept in the back of my wagon until morning.

Continued on my way, enjoying the countryside with the early morning fog. Found a lovely spooky abandoned farmhouse along the way, so I stopped to do some photography. I even enjoyed a breakfast of handfuls of wild raspberries from amidst the masses of wildflowers; what a nice way to start the morning. Stopped briefly in Hartland, New Brunswick to refill my Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Cappucino and to photograph the world’s longest covered bridge in the morning fog. (See my blog photo on the top.)

As usual, I crossed the border at the Edmunston NB & Madawaska ME border, in order to fill up on relatively cheap gas (at least compared to Canadian prices). Stocked up on some of my favourites – Sobe Green Ice Tea, as it is hard to find back in Montreal.

The last leg of the trip across the province of Quebec was extremely hot and muggy; thank goodness for air conditioning! I was originally planning to stop in Quebec City to do some more photography but the heat made me decide otherwise, since it would have made for too much of an exhausting day, especially since I still had three more hours of driving back to Montreal. I’m glad I skipped my excursion, as I was already very tired when I pulled into my driveway at around 4 pm, with not even enough energy to unpack the car.

I was very glad for my new iPod during this trip to the Maritimes and back. There are several parts of the journey when there are few if any decent radio stations; and it allowed me to listen to my own collection music with absolutely no commercials or annoying announcers, and without having to change my CDs all the time. Strangely enough, the last song that played on my iPod as I drove the last few streets home was entitled “I’m Going Home” by Chris de Burgh; the opening line of which is “I left my home by the ocean…”

Michael was a sweetheart and had burned some of my favourite scented oils for my return, so the house smelled so sweet and inviting when I walked in the door; to be welcomed by him and the cats. I do love travelling and exploring, but there is nothing quite so nice as returning home to your own comfy bed…