Sick and Tired…

Sick and Tired…

Well, I finally got to see my own doctor; even though I had an appointment, it still took an hour and a half wait just to see him for about 6 minutes. I definitely think the health system needs more work to improve waiting times, because that is getting ridiculous.

After an examination, the doctor said that I did indeed suffer from a very nasty virus, but that it has come and gone. What is bothering me now is something called Post Viral Syndrome; which accounts for my chronic fatigue, lack of appetite and continued severe coughing fits. (I’ve been so tired out that I sometimes end up sleeping anywhere from 10-15 hours on a particularly bad day, and I’ve already lost at least 5lbs from not eating regularly.)

Basically he told me to continue following the regimen that I have been doing; resting, avoiding stress, trying to eat regularly, taking daily multi-vitamins, as well as cough drops and hot tea to soothe my throat. However, he did give me a special bronchial inhalor, which will hopefully lessen the worst of the symptoms in about 2-3 weeks, any longer than that and I should return to see him.

Basically, it means that if I really rest myself up beforehand, I can manage to make it out to an event, but I should expect to be totally wiped out for the next few days (it’s referred to as the “payback effect”). The best part is that I now have my houseboy toriko to act as my chauffeur to events, so I do not have to tire myself out with the stress of driving and such. It makes it a lot easier for me to even *consider* going out nowadays, because it’s absolutely dangerous to be driving and to be hit by one of my coughing fits… And if I don’t get to go out and be with my kinky friends, or even just to get out of the house, I begin to go stir-crazy.

So, my apologies to some of my friends who have not heard from me in a while, or haven’t received replies to emails — I’m still so wiped out that I am absolutely backlogged on tons of personal and kink-related correspondence.

5 responses to “Sick and Tired…

  1. I’ve got that grungy bug too… I could barely get out of bed. But we still taped the latest episode of 1TrackMind tonight. The show must go on!

  2. So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

    There have been a bunch of different things flying around Canada this winter. So far I have avoided it.

    Your post is an interesting parallel to one on another blog about ensuring that submissives get enough sleep and look after themselves.

    The same goes for Dominants, as well of course. None of us would wish to see a Dominant so overloaded that he or she becomes ill.

  3. I hope you health has improved PVS takes a lot to get over. ibuprofen helped me a great deal with the muscle fatigue.

    I wish you well

  4. Thank you Miss Bonnie, Mark and tigerboy for your comments and thoughtful well wishes; it is much appreciated!

    ~ Mistress Jade Dragon

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