Last Wild Weekend in April

Dungeon FemDomme

On Saturday, my pet and I received an invitation to a private play party on the south shore, off the island of Montreal. It was being held in a large commercial industrial space and had lots of very cool dungeon furniture and play equipment.

There was a kinky auction, however we arrived at around 10:30pm which was too late to participate in it; which was fine by me because I did not feel like rushing myself that evening. My submissive houseboy had laid out my new red leather corset for me, and I chose a new black skirt with a draped and very swingy hemline along with my fishnet stockings. I also wore my hair out of the way in my traditional long braid down my back. It was a bit cool and rainy that night, so I also chose my floor-length hooded cape with mink trim down the front. My submissive toriko wore his new slim leather pants and a sheer black net shirt along with his black collar and my ownership tag.

As soon as we arrived, I recognized “A”, a very old friend of mine (pre-dating my kink days), who was there in his capacity as fetish photographer. We greeted each other and hugged and then he was kind enough to point out a few helpful things regarding the dungeon to me. (Later on in the night, he took a very nice portrait of my pet and myself – one of the best I’ve had so far.)

The dungeon playspace was large and quite active; with approximately 100 people in attendance. There was an interesting mix of anglophones, francophones and of course, many bilingual folk. I recognized a few familiar faces and began making the rounds, greeting them along my way.

I stopped to say hello to Master André and Lady Vivian; they mentioned that it was their first time attending this particular playspace as well. It had been submissive milou’s birthday the day before, so he was set up on the spanking bench, so that attendees could share in his birthday spanks. I gave him a good hard 20 spanks, with a gentle teasing with my long nails, in between strokes – which he seemed to greatly enjoy.

Participants had been encouraged to bring their own seating, so I brought my special folding double seat, with it’s own small table surface in between the chairs. As my houseboy was setting it up, a cute gray cat wandered by to check us out — apparently it lives in the dungeon and it was totally at ease with the multitude of people and was not scared at all. It was so adorable to see it wander around during the entire night, as it stopped by to greet newcomers and get petted by everyone.

I choose a place near one of the whipping stations for my little “throne”, with a very good view of almost all the activities. I was able to enjoy watching some good flogging of a pretty young girl as she was strung up on a nearby playstation.

Lady Vivian was overseeing some electrical play on a male submissive who was spread over a large and comfortable kneeling bench. He was holding a wand and observers were encouraged to participate by gently stroking or touching his back and to watch and feel the sparks. I tried it for a bit and found the sensation interesting, if a bit strong for my own tastes, so I retired back to my seating area to continue my observations of the dungeon’s activities. My submissive toriko was fascinated by the electrical play, so I let him stay and continue to play, since he was only a short distance away.

I was quite pleased that I got to practice more of my French in order to improve my fluency. I don’t always have many chances to use it daily, so I find it has gotten a bit rusty and I find myself hesitating trying to find the perfect words with which to express myself. Luckily, some of the people that I ended up chatting with were very patient when I explained this to them. Most of them even said that my French is very good, and I just need to feel more comfortable with it.

I got to spend some time chatting with an older francophone gentleman submissive named “a”, with whom I’ve crossed paths many times before at other local events. It was nice to finally get to know him better.

I was also approached by a cute young blond submissive boy; at first I thought that he must be a teenager because he looked so young, but apparently he is 23 years old. He introduced himself politely, as he wished to practice his English, as he is studying to be a second language teacher.

Later on, I decided to have my feet massaged and called upon both my own submissive toriko, as well as the young blond sub. They sat closely together on the ledge of a nearby whipping post and they looked adorable side-by-side, with their dark and blond heads huddled together in quiet discussion while they worked on my tiny feet.

A lovely FemDomme (Lady L) that I had noticed before was looking for a place to rest, so I invited her to join me on my double seat, and we chatted in French for a while. At my pet’s suggestion, I offered the use of my boys to massage her feet as well. Since she had been wearing very tall heels; she quickly accepted, if somewhat surprised by my offer.

I quickly kicked a small nearby footstool into place and the two submissives quickly tucked their little butts on it side-by-side once again, to begin massaging her tired feet. She looked so relieved and relaxed by the whole thing that I decided to stand behind the boys and oversee their foot massage. I ordered them to start worshipping her stockinged feet; to gently kiss each toe as they continued their massage.

Lady L seemed to be in total bliss and I can understand why; my houseboy toriko was gently breathing his hot breath sensuously over each of her toes, alternating with soft kisses and gentle strokes of his hands. He has wonderful hands with a very soothing touch, so I know first-hand how wonderful she must be feeling. In fact, two or three times some of her friends approached her, to remind her that they needed to leave soon as they had a long drive, and she kept pleading for just a few minutes more!

I finally got a chance to talk with sub “r”, whom had caught my eye quite some time ago, but he was untouchable because he belonged to someone else. Recently, his former Mistress has returned to her vanilla life and had decided that she no longer needed him. Of course, the poor boy has been having a hard time sorting out all his feelings about the situation.

I found that “r” is quite fun to tease; he is only a few inches taller than me and has wonderful dark brown eyes that remind me of chocolate. He is used to eye contact restrictions, so it was very difficult for him to look me in the eye — until I told him that is how I prefer to talk to people and that if I wanted him to look down I would tell him so… It was so fun seeing his eyes dart about like a nervous little deer.

At one point, I was talking to him and cornered him up against this giant slanted rope web that runs from the floor to the ceiling; I felt like a spider and her prey! My houseboy toriko came up close behind me while I was talking to “r” and as I pulled him even closer, and I was soon in the middle of a delicious “sub” sandwich! I think I might have made some of the other Ladies a tiny bit jealous, as one of them even approached me shortly after and jokingly said “How did you manage to him (meaning sub “r”) to do that? I’ve been after him for a while!

At the end of the night, after most people had left, someone brought out a dildo attachment for a reciprocating saw that can apparently go at 2500 rpm. One submissive woman (I don’t know if she was brave or stupid), decides that she wanted to try it out. Although using it at much slower speeds, she was still screaming like a banshee and drenching both the tool holder and the one holding her down. Then hot wax was poured over her ample breasts while she was being penetrated by the ramming tool. There were about 20 of us who were gathered around watching all of this rather wide-eyed, as it was quite a sight!

Finally the time came to bid our adieus for the night and to go around and exchange hugs and the traditional Montreal “two-cheek kiss”. I really enjoyed myself as I got to catch up with both old friends and make several new ones.

One of my submissive houseboy’s female friends was stranded waiting for a ride so I decided that we would drive her back home safely; as I wouldn’t want to have her stuck off-island in the wee hours of the morning without a ride.

It was around 4:30 am by the time we dropped her off and I was feeling quite peckish; so I decided that we would go and get breakfast at Picassos on the way home. It was not quite the same without my usual gang of Club Fetish friends, but it was still a great way to round off the night’s fun! I finally arrived home shortly after sunrise at 6 am.

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