Another shitty weekend being sick…


On Mother’s Day morning (Sunday the 13th), I had another severe coughing attack that left me wheezing. I’ve had that happen before after a nasty cough attack, but this time it was the type of wheezes that had me concerned; they sounded more like bubbling in my chest than the simple wheeze of an irrited throat and breathing passage.

So despite my intense dislike of anyplace medical — I decided that it would be smart would be to go to the local emergency clinic to have it investigated. So, I was bundled up into a blanket and curled up in the back seat while my Dom partner Sir Michael drove to the clinic. We were accompanied by my very concerned submissive toriko; who carried my purse and ID for me and kept feeding me cough drops for my sore throat.

The emergency clinic was short-staffed for a Sunday, so there was a fair wait before I was able to be seen. The doctor on staff gave me a cursory examination and seemed to think I had asthma, but I am really not convinced of that diagnosis, because it is an on-going condition related to my previous viral infection – not just a single asthma attack. I will need to get an appointment to try and see my own doctor again, as I trust his judgement *much* more — however, he is very popular for exactly that same reason and difficult to see. In the meantime, I am still to use a puffer everyday to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay; however I haven’t seen it make that much of a difference.

Several hours later, I came home tired out by the whole thing and was ushered off to bed by Sir Michael and tucked in by my boy toriko. I thought that I would just grab a short nap, but I guess I was really exhausted after all; as I slept for a solid four hours straight. My boy was supposed to wake me up in an hour or so, but said that I was so dead-to-the-world that he could not bring himself to disturb me, and let me continue to sleep. Definitely a wise decision on his part, considering the circumstances.

While I was resting, my houseboy went outside and spent a good two hours digging up dandelions from the front yard for me; he probably should not have pushed himself quite so much — as he is still recuperating from the same bug that I got at the beginning of the month. In fact, his voice is so rough that I’ve teased him that he sounds like the Cookie Monster when he wakes up in the morning!

So, as a result of that weekend, I’ve spent the majority of the week trying to recuperate and regain my strength. I’ve been trying to catch up on emails but I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate sometimes, so I’m still backlogged — forgive me if your email is one of them…

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