Rainy Day Afternoon Tea

Lilac Blooms

I am enjoying a serene and peaceful break outside on my porch this afternoon; with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea, a croissant and a ripe juicy summer peach. There is a quiet rain falling and the air smells fresh and clean. There is an occasional deep rumble of thunder in the distance.

The lilacs are just finishing their run, while the little tree in my yard is heavy with blushing pink blooms that will continue to darken into deep pink flowers over the next few days. The neighbourhood morning doves are cooing from their nearby perch, while a few robins are hopping across the lawn, searching for worms. My cat Tigger sits contentedly on the stone parapet, watching the wildlife with amusement.

There are times like this that I truly love being able to work from my home studio and to be able to take time out to enjoy quiet moments such as these…

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