A Lovely Lazy Friday in June

Sheet lightning

My handsome dark-haired and blue-eyed houseboy toriko arrived late Thursday night after work rather exhausted. So I let him sleep at the foot of my bed once more; in order that he could get a good night’s sleep. I, however, stayed up into the wee hours of the morning puttering on my laptop in bed.

Friday was my pet’s day off and we had hoped to start the day early in order to get many of the errands on my to-do list done. However, since we were both so tired out, I had allowed us the luxury of sleeping late with absolutely no alarm clock – so it was early afternoon by the time we woke up.

When we finally did get up, we were both quite famished; so I showed toriko how to make pancakes while he took care of all the dishes and tidied up the kitchen for me. We had a wonderful feast of buttermilk pancakes and delicious Quebec maple syrup. (I discovered that my orange cat, who has quite a sweet tooth for certain fruits, apparently likes maple syrup too — what a strange little cat at times!) I then caught up on a bit of email and other stuff on my laptop, while my houseboy tidied up after our very late breakfast.

By late afternoon, we were finally ready to start running errands. I did have one last assignment for toriko before we left… I told him to wear his new snug black cargo-style pants, the kind that zip off into shorts. They are made of very lightweight parachute material so they are very comfy and cool, and they show his cute ass off to perfection. The worst part for him is that I ordered him to wear them “commando-style”, meaning totally nude underneath — no underwear at all.

Now, my pretty dark-haired pet is quite generously endowed, but he is rather self-conscious about it. Before me, he had never worn any clothing commando-style, because he was afraid of how it might look, especially if something aroused him in the slightest (which is bound to happen in a city full of gorgeous women, such as is Montreal).

Which is why I take great joy in his embarrassment at being forced to wear such lightweight shorts with nothing underneath. Really, I find that it is not even all that obvious unless one were actually staring at his crotch — he, however spends the entire time slightly nervous and extremely aware of his condition.

Of course, I don’t help the situation at all, because I often caress his cute little ass or “accidentally” nudge his package while we are shopping. In fact, he was almost mortified when I discreetly tucked my fingers into the top of his pocket and lightly rubbed his hipbone while we waiting in line at the cash at the Canadian Tire store.

Hehe — I can be *so* wonderfully wicked at times…

Afterwards, I also decided that we would go to one of the local men’s stores to pick him out some new clothes to wear to some of his upcoming interviews. I selected a gorgeous, if somewhat expensive, pale grey Italian dress shirt for him to try out. (Of course, I had to lightly tease and torment him when I peeked into his dressing room to see how things were going…) Picking a tie was not so easy though, as he gets distracted very easily by any loud patterns or designs – so we settled on a beautiful black tie with a subtle pattern woven into the fabric. He looked very professional in the combination, without looking overly “generic corporate”, so overall I was quite pleased with my choices.

By then it was late and the stores were closing; since I was hungry once again, I decided to have my pretty-boy chauffeur me to one of my favourite little summer hang-outs. So off we drove to the far western tip of the island of Montreal, to Sainte Anne de Bellevue, which is located right on the waterfront and even has an old-style wooden boardwalk along it’s canal and marina.

We are both storm buffs and had sensed a large storm approaching in the air, so we found a bench to sit on so that we could enjoy the sheet lightning in the distance. The colours were magnificent, ranging from a bright lavender, to a deep electric blue and indigo. The wind continued to pick up and since it was a fairly open area, it whipped through the treetops loudly; it felt like being on the prow of a large ship slicing through the storm-tossed waters.

My boy and I both felt energized by the rapidly growing storm, but our instincts told us it was time to eat and to seek shelter from the approaching rain. So we wandered back down the boardwalk and I selected a new restaurant to try out called “Cheaters”. Our timing proved excellent, as we had hardly been seated for only a few minutes before we saw the rain come pouring down outside and the pedestrians scattering for cover!

Dinner was delicious and we were tempted by the excellent selection of desserts but realized that we were both stuffed and would have to come back again soon, in order to try out their chocolate fondues and other treats. We trotted back to the car in the rain and were both more than a bit chilled by the time we got inside. So back off to home to get dried off and warmed up.

I ordered toriko to bed early in his new spot on the floor at the foot of my bed, as he had to be *at work* for 7am the next morning and we had a fetish party to attend that evening as well. Being the “night creature” that I am, I stayed up most of the night catching up on work on my laptop and slept most of Saturday, so that I would be well rested for the party.

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