Importing submissives?

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My houseboy toriko has just brought me my morning toast and peach tea in bed, while I ponder today’s to-do list and a few other things. I stayed up late (again) and had some interesting discussions with some people in one of the online chatrooms that I occasionally drop into, so that will be the topic of my blog post today…

Once again, it seems that so many male subs have no idea of what it is like to be a fairly visible FemDomme in the online community. That we get so many emails or requests for IMs, or private chats that we sometimes end up having to turn those features off, otherwise we get bombarded by them every time we go online.

That we often get so many emails that we can barely keep up with them – especially if it is obvious that they haven’t even read our whole profile. Often, if we take the time to actually respond with a “No thanks, not interested.” then they take it as a cue to start bugging us with a “But why not?”. Many of them can’t seem to take a simple “No”, without becoming rude, crude or abusive to the Domme. Which means that we often end up having to block them. And then male subs wonder why many FemDommes don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to reply to each of our emails on an individual basis…

Yes, it is nice to have some attention; but it is truly not pleasant to be pestered by strange males who seem to think that just because I am a FemDomme that I would be interested in them. For example, I have very specific requirements regarding potential submissives for my stable; the most important one being that they must be local. After all, Montreal is a city of over 3 million people — if I can’t find potential submissives here, then I’m not gonna start considering importing them?

Yes, you got that right — I’ve been approached countless times by submissives in other countries regarding their desire to relocate and become a full-time submissive and to stay at home all day while *I* support them. They haven’t even read my profile in it’s entirety and they are looking to become a full-time slave for me — when I’ve specifically stated that I am not interested in 24/7 live-in slaves, or in having anyone relocate for me. They haven’t even met me and they want me to handle arranging for an international visa for them and bring them into my home… Can you believe it?

First of all, who in their right mind would be willing to drop their entire life and relocate to another country to serve someone whom they have never even met or been in communication with before? I mean, what about similar interests, fetishes & kinks, overall personality compatibility, etc.? It almost becomes a reckless disregard for their own safety at that point — or outright stupidity. Now it could be a case of simply fantasizing about the perfect happy servile life, but if you when you start to write to random Dommes in other countries, it seems to have gone past the simple fantasy stage and has become something more.

And do these people honestly think that some stranger in another country is simply going to open their house and home to them, without even knowing them?

Honestly, if a friend of mine was was approached by someone who was either ready to drop their life and livelihood for the chance to serve some random FemDomme in another country — I’d say “Don’t walk -Run!”, as it just raises too many red flags for me…

So, a question to all the FemDommes out there — have you ever had similar online approaches made to you? Have you any other “horror stories” to share?

And what about the male submissive readers — did you honestly have any idea of the sorts of things that FemDommes have to put up with from online strangers?

3 responses to “Importing submissives?

  1. Head Mistress Jade Dragon,

    I would like to thank you for the blog you wrote “Importing Submissives”. It has confirmed what I already knew in my heart. I am a novice/virgin who finally came out of my own closet and can now accept that I am a submissive. Being new to this lifestyle I was so excited that I actually thought of relocating (As far as Europe) and become a 24/7 slave. Now that my excitement has died down a little I realized that I wasn’t thinking properly and that I should enter this new world slowly and with caution. I have entered my name in some of your discussion groups to learn more for I am an intelligent man.

    Again I would like to thank you for your
    Blog(s)and also the information on your website.

    Forever on my knees,


  2. Off topic comment…

    I just want to thank You for linking my blog. I’ve done the same today with your website.



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