Brain dead and exhausted

After a week of preparations and packing, then a 12 hour drive by myself and working my booth for 3 days straight at the annual PowWow in New Brunswick — I am brain-dead and physically exhausted…

Friday was rainy when I arrived and the activities were cancelled for the day; but I still set up my tent and tarps. So much for rushing down; but at least my relatives were kind enough to save my usual space for me. Saturday was a bit better weather-wise, but still damp from the previous day. Sunday was inordinately hot, with temperatures soaring up to 38.5°C in the shade!

It’s now Monday and I am trying to recuperate somewhat before I have a meeting this afternoon with some of my web clients – they wanted to meet with me since I was in the province. I did warn them that I will not be running at full capacity, so I hope that I can present myself somewhat legibly…

After that, it is the final packing of the car and then another 5 to 6 hour drive to my Mom’s place in Nova Scotia, where I will be staying to visit for a few days before heading back to Montreal.

One response to “Brain dead and exhausted

  1. What no subbie’s available to look after you booth for you? Sorry to say I don’t live in NB or I would have volunteered.