Monthly Archives: August 2007

It’s a Mad, Mad World

Mad Mad World!

My life has been crazy these past few weeks since I returned from Nova Scotia…

First of all, the trip itself proved to be very hard on my health, as I had pushed myself way too hard — between working the PowWow entirely by myself in extreme heat as well as the twice daily set-up/tear down just took a big toll on me. I seem to still be suffering from that Post-Viral Syndrome from a few months back; I still overestimate my ability in terms of what I am physically and emotionally able to handle. I still get tired out fairly easily and take much longer to recuperate.

So, of course what did I do? I organized a very last-minute Kinky Soirée & Fuckerware Party for some dear friends of mine who are coming up from the Maritimes for the Montreal Fetish Weekend. I didn’t get confirmation regarding all the details for the rental of the Loft Le Chateau until a few days ago; so the invites only got sent out a day and a half ago. As I said, a very last minute party indeed!

I was very stressed out about so many aspects of it that by last night it was starting to show. When I went to pick up my submissive toriko after his work, he said that he could feel my arm quivering under the stress and that it showed in my body language when I was driving. We were both hungry and I really needed a “break” so we decided to grab a bite at one of my favourite places “Restaurant Beijing”, a few minutes drive over in Chinatown.

We were barely seated when I received a call on my cellphone regarding an aspect of the get-together. So as to not disturb the nearby patrons, I went outside to take care of it. I did feel a bit more relieved when I returned and we were able to enjoy our meal. I *really* did need something out of the usual at that point and my sweet boy toriko did his best to keep my mind on more positive things and to cheer me up.

So today, I am much less stressed than I was at this time yesterday. I still have no idea how this evening’s little get-together will turn out — however I have told myself that I did the very best that I could under the circumstances and the rest is pretty well out of my hands as this point. I still have to pack various party stuff and run a few errands before this evening’s set-up… so I’m off for now!