New addition to my submissive stable


Several weeks ago, I had been contacted via CollarMe by a young local male submissive. By his message, I could tell that he had actually read through my *entire* profile, and had digilently answered the preliminary questions that are found at the end of my profile.

Even though he is quite young by general kink community standards (21 years old), I found him to be refreshingly honest and mature in both his replies to my questions, as well as his general communications. Based on his overall application and respectful attitude, I decided to schedule an interview with him. Unfortunately my scheduling caused a delay of a few weeks before we were finally able to work something out to our mutual convenience.

It’s very common for many submissives to be terribly nervous when they meet with me for their personal interview; no matter what their age… It seems that many are intimidated by my title of HeadMistress of the FemDomme Society, combined with the fact that I am rather visible in the local BDSM/kink/fetish community, both in online groups/lists, as well as in real life.

Although I can most definitely be strict and in control at times, my everyday “style” of dominance is generally a more relaxed one. I do not want a household where I need to “crack the whip” all the time to keep things under control. As a result, when I meet with prospective applicants for a personal interview — I also respect a submissive as being another human being. They may *be* a submissive — but they are not yet *my* submissive. This often surprises them, but I clarify that this is an *interview*, they are here for me to get a sense of them as a person — it is not a “session”.

If successful, this young man would be in frequent contact with my alpha submissive, toriko; so I decided to bring toriko along with me so that the “new boy” would be able to meet him as well. It was my belief that it might also help to put him at ease, both during the interview, as well as being able to know to whom he would also be dealing with other than myself, in terms of some of his future training.

The three of us broke the ice by chatting lightly about various topics while we waited for our tea and munchies to arrive. I briefly went over some of the points covered in his written application for some clarifications. Although obviously still a bit nervous, he expressed himself quite well, all while being respectful and polite.

This young man seems to have much more of an interest in being a “service submissive” rather than a more D/s relationship; which is fine with me, since that is one of the areas I had been trying to fill. I don’t mind training a novice submissive, as long as they are truly willing to learn, are dedicated enough to stick with it, and are honest and loyal.

I decided to consider him under a probationary status, to see how things might work out between us. We then discussed the possibility of this potential “new houseboy” attending Isabeau’s fabulous Fetish Ball with myself and my kinky entourage, as it was to be held the next evening. That, however, is a story that will have to wait for another entry…

ADDENDUM: Only a few days after the Fetish Ball, kenjiro lost an immediate family member through a fatal automobile accident. It has been agreed upon that he shall be taking an indefinite leave of absence in order to be able to take the time to come to terms with this tragedy.

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