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Article – BDSM Lifestyles: A World of Sensual Etiquette and Restraint


This morning, I found a rather interesting newspaper article about BDSM — interesting because it portrayed it in a rather positive light for a change. Here’s an excerpt:

The high regard for decorum coupled with sexual exploration puts one in mind of a time where words like honour meant something and passion could be unbridled and furious. I will admit that the more romantic aspects of this lifestyle lured me in, and I had occasion to meet many wonderful people therein, although I didn’t indulge in play myself. I am not sure if timidity or a fear or realizing some of my fantasies was the culprit for my hesitancy. After all, BDSM is about power exchange, and I think I like to be in control far too much…didn’t mean it wasn’t alluring.

I suppose this was in part to the fact that human beings often tend to crave and desire the very things we cannot have, which is a part of the fascination. This idea is a key component of bondage and domination lifestyles as well, as this dynamic can create a powerful rush of emotion and arousal.

Why not drop by and read the rest of the article and let me know what you thought of it as well?

BDSM Lifestyles: A World of Sensual Etiquette and Restraint