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Scarlett James Performing Live at Montreal’s Grand Burlesque

Montreal’s Grand Burlesque Show was held from March 21-23 2013. Organized by the amazing Scarlett James, and featuring many wonderful acts — it’s a not-to-be-missed show.

Be sure to check it out again next year; in the meantime, have a peek at show headliner Scarlett James doing her magic…

For more details on this annual Montreal Burlesque event:

Transgender & Women Running for Office in Pakistan

Pakistani Transgender Candidate

Significant changes are coming about in the world…

“Next month, Pakistan will hold its first election in five years. And just by running, some candidates will be making history. Two female candidates are contesting the election in extremely conservative areas where women have never run for office. And for the first time, transgender people are running as candidates in various parts of the country.”

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