Pole Dancing Shedding Burleque Roots

An international pole-dancing roup is trying to shed it’s burlesque roots en route to becoming an Olympic-worthy sport.

pole sports

At the World Pole Sports Championships, they’ve written a rule book that gives code names to compulsory moves, specifies scoring methodology and bans pole-dancing staples such as removable articles of clothing. And they’d like people to call their event “pole sports” now.

Moves previously know as “The Spatchcock”, “Chopsticks” and “Jump to Tabletop” have been given new, more professionally appropriate names.

The federation’s rules frown on anything that falls off a dancer. They mandate disqualification for “intentionally removing items of clothing,” ban costumes from being “used in an erotic manner” and require “neckline of no lower than eighty (80) millimetres from clavicular notch.”

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