Submissive Application Process

Mistress Jade is currently accepting applications from both male and female submissives from the Montreal area. Supplicants must be genuine in their desire to serve, please, amuse, obey and surrender control, as well as demonstrate a willingness to learn proper Mistress/submissive etiquette and protocol. Potential subs must be respectful and worshipful of the Mistress in their manner and communications at all times.


Mistress Jade is *very* particular in Her needs so please read this profile carefully in it’s entirety. Due to past experiences, She is *quite* strict in Her application process, so pay special attention on how to apply.

Submissive Stable Positions Available:

PRIORITY: Service Submissive/Slave
Male or female service-oriented submissives, who should expect to service a variety of Mistress Jade’s personal and general household needs, such as: housecleaning, cooking, laundry, errands, handyperson, etc. (Sissy maids need not apply unless they are willing to get their hands and outfits dirty by actually working!) Should also be available to serve Mistress Jade’s personal needs during local BDSM events (carrying coat & toybag, preparing her corset, preparing her personal beverage tray, etc.)

PRIORITY: Web Service Slave or Assistant
A code-savvy web person, required to assist with the FemDomme Society and Club Fetish websites. Any of the following skills are helpful: Good writing style and grammar to answer emails, translation of text from English into French, medium to advanced graphic or web design, online promotion, banner and link exchanges, be handy with the maintenance of online discussion forums, MySQL databases, etc.

“Plaything” Submissive or Slave
Male or female sub/slave “plaything” (bisexual a bonus) upon which She may practice and expand a variety of domination techniques. May potentially be used to demonstrate play techniques to Dommes-in-Training. Must be available regularly and also be able to serve as a play partner/companion to local kink events (generally on weekends).

“Trophy” Submissive or Slave
A male or female of exceptional physique or physical endowment, musculature and/or physical or sexual attractiveness. Bisexuality and a strong exhibitionist streak would be positive attributes. This type of “pet” should be prepared to be shown off on a collar and leash at local kink and fetish events as well as at private BDSM events.

Foot Service Submissive
Male submissive to provide regular foot service such as: foot baths, foot massage, pedicures and shoe shopping expeditions in order to provide new footwear in order to better display Mistress Jade’s tiny feet. Bootblacking skills are appreciated for maintenance of Her boot collection. (Absolutely no “release” on feet will be permitted.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mistress Jade Dragon is willing to train “new” submissives with little or no previous BDSM experience, only IF they are truly dedicated and compatible to Her needs. However, She prefers those with at least some experience in the community, and who have made the effort to attend local munches, play parties and/or kink-related workshops.

She is NOT seeking any live-in or 24/7 relationships at this time, nor does She wish to have anyone relocate for Her. All potential submissives MUST be from the Montreal and surrounding suburban area.

Potential applicants must be clean, disease-free, not allergic to cats, non-smoker (or to never smoke in Her presence.) Absolutely NO cyber or online-only relationships, web subs or wannabes.

Expect to serve as part of a small stable of submissives; there must be no hesitation about being around other submissives or slaves.

Applicants for the position of service submissive or play partner must be willing to attend and serve at semi-public kink events and private play parties. The Mistress is prominent in the local scene and expects her submissives to be able to accompany Her.

There is the occasional possibility of being temporarily “shared” with one of Mistress Jade’s Dommes-In-Training, when escorting Her to local BDSM or Fetish clubs, *IF* this is agreeable to the submissive. Pre-negotiated limits will be respected at all times by the other Dommes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mistress Jade does expects all potential subs to clearly define their interests and limits through the use of a “safe play checklist”.

Activities *may* include some of the following, depending on the sub’s skills/training:

Escorting Mistress Jade to miscellaneous local events, Fetish Nights, play parties or to BDSM clubs

No-strings housework & other chores, to prove one’s loyalty and dedication.

Serving as a female maid or male butler at one of Mistress Jade’s “Mistress Tea Parties”

Making meals or snacks, serving breakfast or brunch in bed, serving tea, etc.

Providing pedicures, foot massage, drawing hot baths, shoe shopping, etc.

Eventual “Reward Play” *may* include (subject to pre-negotiated limits):

Bondage play: ropes, restraints, thumbcuffs, metal and leather cuffs, shibari, suspension

Discipline play: riding crops, paddling, spanking, flogging, etc.

Sensation play: CBT, clothespins, nipple clamps, chains & weights, butt plugs

Slut training for possible exhibitionism at private parties or BDSM/Fetish clubs

Serving & entertaining a group of females and/or other Dommes at private parties (CFNM)

Chastity or long term orgasm denial

Shoe, boot & foot worship, bootblacking

Wax play, mummification

Any form of “reward play” is solely at Her discretion, and is reserved as an eventual reward for Mistress Jade’s stable subs, for excellence in service and total devotion to the Mistress. Mistress Jade will absolutely not tolerate “do-me” subs who solely wish to have their kinks fulfilled solely for their own pleasure.

Mistress Jade Dragon is NOT interested in participating in the following:

asphyxiation or breath play, branding or flameplay

piercing, blades, needles or bloodplay

heavy physical play such a wrestling, punching, etc.

forced feminization, cross-dressing, infantilism, diapers, medical play

watersports, golden showers or scat

extreme genital torture such as testicle trampling, crushing or piercing

any form of sexual worship such as facesitting, queening, etc.

Positive qualities for potential submissives:

MUST be able to pay his/her way to clubs, events, munches, etc.

Any experience in no-strings housework (domestic service / chores / errands)

Already have some fetish clothing, or are willing to eventually purchase 1-2 outfits for attending local events

Mistress Jade will not tolerate any smoking in Her presence. Your clothes should NEVER smell like smoke.

Must not be allergic to cats

Mistress Jade Dragon is a firm believer of the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) philosophy. She expects potential subs to follow a detailed submissive application process to prove their sincere interest; if you can’t be bothered to follow this process – She cannot be bothered with you either.

If you have read this entire application and fit the overall criteria for one or more of the positions, then you may initiate contact with Mistress Jade Dragon to apply for a position as a submissive in Her stable.

You must cover ALL of the following questions listed in the following submissive application questionnaire, and include a clear recent portrait photograph. Make sure your message is personalized to Mistress Jade, anything resembling a generic form letter will simply be deleted as a waste of the Mistress’s time. Be sure to write detailed answers, not one-liners; write clearly and do not use “chat-type” abbreviations in your message. Use correct punctuation and separate paragraphs. By taking the time to present yourself clearly and eloquently, this is another way that you can begin to show that you are capable of proper service to Mistress Jade. (Special consideration will be made for Francophones attempting to write in English.)

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