Submissive Application Questionnaire

You must cover ALL of the following questions and attach a clear recent portrait photograph (gif, jpg or jpeg format).

Make sure your message is personalized to Mistress Jade, anything resembling a generic form letter will simply be deleted as a waste of the Mistress's time.

Be sure to write detailed answers, not one-liners; write clearly and do not use "chat-type" abbreviations in your message. Use correct punctuation and separate paragraphs.

By taking the time to present yourself clearly and eloquently, this is another way that you can begin to show that you are capable of proper service to Mistress Jade.

(Considération sera fait pour les francophones qui tente de répondre en anglais. Special consideration will be made for francophones attempting to write in English.)

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg.
Maximum file size: 2mb.