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You may use the following contact form to reach me. Please note that I do not always have the free time to do personal replies for every email that I receive.

NOTE: I am not an advice columnist, nor a matchmaker or a referral service for other Dommes, so I will not answer questions relating to either of these topics. I am NOT a professional Dominatrix and do not appreciate requests from random strangers for “a session”. Nor do I appreciate inappropriate requests from random strangers to be their “Mentor” or “Teacher”. If you have questions regarding the Montreal kink scene or local community, please refer to my “Kink Guides“, as all the info I have is posted there.

(PS: If you have trouble reading the “reCaptcha” spam-prevention words below, you can always get it to reload with new ones by clicking the small reload button, which is the top-most of the three vertical icons.)

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