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Montreal Burlesque Festival’s 10th Anniversary!

It will soon be time once again for Montreal’s popular annual Burlesque Festival, which will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary this year!

Held from Friday October 20th to Sunday October 22nd, 2018; the festival holds several shows, as well as workshops.

For more information or to obtain tickets, visit the official Montreal Burlesque Festival website.

Montreal’s International Kinky Festival, August 7-10th

International Kinky Festival

So as many of my regular blog readers have realized by now, Montreal is a downright kinky city — full of lovely decadent folk and plenty of perverted activities.

This weekend is an exemplary one, because Montreal is hosting the first annual International Kinky Festival; complete with plenty of great workshops, various parties and of course to top everything off, a grand Fetish Ball! Here are a few other hightlights to look forward to:

My amazing “little sister” Domina Jade presented one of her workshops last night, entitled Dirty Talking, which I’m sure was a total success as usual.

Montreal’s former Sex Geek Andrea Zanin, now living in Toronto; will be returning to our kinky city to present two workshops, including one on the Pleasures of Female Fisting on Saturday afternoon.

One of my friends from California, the reknowned sexual educator and author, Midori, will be presenting Scene Dynamics and Psychology of Rope Bondage on Saturday afternoon, and later on that evening will be doing a mind-blowing suspension show along with Kumi Monster, at the Dark Fairy Tales Fetish Ball, to be held at Bain Mathieu.

I plan on attending the Fetish Ball along with my alpha submissive toriko, as well as the company of Sir Marc and Lady Nikki; I’m awaiting confirmation from the rest of my leather family as to their attendance…

All in all, I am looking forward to a wonderfully exhausting weekend absolutely full of kink!

Review of Midori Rope Bondage workshop in Ottawa

Midor - Art of Japanese Bondage

Got so many stories to share from the past month — better catch up before the details fade away too much from all the other stuff that I have been doing…

At the end of August, I drove to Ottawa twice to attend some Midori workshops. One of them was “The Art of Feminine Dominance”; as it turned out, I am very much beyond this workshop’s level, but it was still quite entertaining with quite a few points of interest that were raised. In retrospect, I could have probably skipped it with no great loss, but then again, it’s sometimes hard to tell this from a simple workshop description.

I stayed overnight and visited with a very old and dear friend, who lives in the suburbs near Manotick. He allowed me to indulge myself with a very looooong soak in his lovely enormous bathtub. It’s so huge that I can actually float without touching any of the sides or the bottom! What a wonderful way to de-stress oneself after a long drive.

The other Midori workshop was an “Intro to Japanese Rope Bondage” that I attended with my Dom partner, Master Michael. I’ve been studying this style of bondage lately, but wasn’t too sure where I would rate in terms of level. As it turned out, I was definitely past the basics, so I encouraged Michael to take advantage of all the workshop’s lab time to practice on me, since I get more of a chance to practice then he does as of late…

We both thouroughly enjoyed Midori’s demo of her style of “rope dance”; which is much more interactive with the bottom — passionate, emotional and extremely sensual. She never stops moving and touching the bottom, caressing and stroking their body with both her hands and the rope. She uses the rope’s texture and roughness to stimulate their skin and overall body, from their crotch to their nipples.

This style of bondage is much more physically active then the more static styles of bondage that I’ve been more familiar with up ’till this time. Bondage had always consisted of tying “pretty knots” in very symmetrical patterns. However, Midori’s style of “rope dance” is much more “ad-lib”, almost always asymmetrical. And yet she has such magnificent control of the bottom’s body, because she uses the ropes to help her discover the person’s individual center of gravity and uses it to her advantage. She is able to manhandle and physically move around a person twice her physical weight, with what seems to be great ease.

This ad-libbing consists of very impromptu moves and ties, using the ropes as they drape, move and fall into place. It keeps the bottom very off-guard, especially if they are blindfolded; as they have a hard time anticipating the next move or tie, unlike regular bondage, which can sometimes be very predictable.

Although I was entranced by Midori’s demonstration; I was sure that a great part of it had to do with the particular sub that she had as a volunteer body. This bottom seemed to go very easily into “rope space”. As a result, Michael and I were both left feeling that “Sure it can look great, IF you have a rope-slut to play with…” However, our opinions were to change the following week when we attended another of Midori’s workshops in Montreal…

Master Michael picked up a copy of her new “Kink” book. I had brought my copy of her Japanese bondage book and she was nice enough to autograph both of them for us. We had also brought her a special little gift; one of my “kinky” italian charm bracelets that I designed (and for which I’ve been gaining a reputation within the Montreal community). I had selected a number of kink-related charms, along with her name “Midori” spelled out in gold letters on a black enamel background, and a pair of BDSM emblems and tiny handcuffs. She seemed genuinely pleased and surprised by our gift.

To be continued…

Montreal’s Labour Day “Fetish Weekend”

Montreal’s Fetish Weekend

Well, for those of you who are not local to Montreal; we are now in the midst of the second annual “Fetish Weekend”.

Actually I got a head-start by attending some Midori workshops in Ottawa last week. Tonight there is a Midori latex workshop being held before the usual Club Sin Fetish Friday event; I am only going to to the Fetish Friday — I prefer to see the Rope Diva talking about rope, her talking about latex just doesn’t do it for me.

Saturday the 3rd will be the really big day for us. Master Michael and I have tickets to attend the two Midori workshops and play party at Le Chateau. The first is “Psychology of Rope Bondage” and the second is “Humiliation & Embarrassment”. We are hoping to go out to dinner after the workshops and before the play party; which should have a really good crowd that night!

On Sunday night, there is a “Freak Show” being held, but I’m not too sure I want to attend — the DJ is one that I don’t care for because he always blasts the music soooooo loud that you end up having your ears ringing. I really have a problem with going to a club and coming out with some long term hearing loss, so I will probably give it a pass… Otherwise, it sounds kinda interesting.

BTW, if any of you are interested in any of these events and are in Montreal, you can check them out on the Club Fetish BDSM & Fetish events calendar that is on my other site.

Anyways, hope everyone has lots of kinky fun this weekend, I know I will!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Off to Ottawa to a Midori bondage workshop…

Midori in black latex

I was lucky enough to get a call yesterday from the “Venu Envy” store in Ottawa — apparently there were two cancellations received for Midori’s previously sold out “Intro to Japanese Bondage” workshop and since I was at the top of the waiting list, I got them!

That was good news, since for some strange reason Midori is not offering that particular workshop when she arrives in Montreal in a little over a week’s time. I wasn’t in town when Midori was here last year.

I’ve already picked up her book on Japanese Bondage, and have been practicing when the opportunity presents itself, but I am looking forward to watching this Rope Diva doing her stuff in person.

Wish me some “knotty” fun!!

~ Mistress Jade