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50 Shades of Grey: BDSM Book Inspires Record Sales of Nipple Clamps


So, apparently the vanillas/mundanes who have been reading the horrible & trashy “50 Shades” books want to “emulate” the lifestyle, which has inspired a record sales of nipple clamps. Since the overwhelmingly popular pseudo-porn hit stores, nipple clamps have been flying off the shelves just like the book that inspired their use.

Seriously. Not making this up, folks…

Porn You Can Touch – Canadian Braille Magazine

braille hands

Porn gets the tactile treatment in a sexy new magazine targeted to the blind and visually impaired. “Tactile Minds” features 17 raised images, including a nude woman in a “disco pose”, a woman with “perfect breasts” and a “male love robot.” It’s the brainchild of Canadian Lisa Murphy, who worked on it for about two years.

She decided to create it after she realized that the “blind have been left out in a culture saturated with sexual images.” and that the mag would fill a market gap. “There are no books of tactile pictures of nudes for adults,” she said. “We’re breaking new ground. Playboy has an edition with Braille wording, but there are no pictures.”

More black leather… Ummmmm!

Black leather couch

I kinda strained my back yesterday, as my neighbour’s hedge was really starting to crowd our driveway, and so I trimmed our side of it — as he had already given me permission to do so if it ever bothered me.

While I was at it, I also trimmed the cedar bushes on either side of my front entry, as well as the mock orange bushes in front of the house. Then I got inspired to use the weed-wacker to trim underneath the edge of the hedge, as it was becoming overgrown as well. So between all of that and then raking all the debris up, I overdid things a bit and was feeling rather achy last night; so I needed to dig out my heating pad to soothe some strained back muscles.

Today consists mainly of trying to clean out the living room, to make way for a new black leather couch, which is due to arrive tomorrow. I got my existing couch secondhand and I had it for a good 8-9 years. The couch was supremely comfy but had a very ugly fabric upholstery; which was remedied with the use of a nice golden velvet cover and some gold and black cushions. However, some of it’s coils and webbing finally bit the dust and caused a major sinkhole in one end — so it’s time to say a final “adieu” to it.

I already have two black leather rocking Captain’s style chairs with matching rocking footrests, so at least everything should meld together relatively well. I was originally looking at this other couch that was on sale at the same store, but when I checked it out in person, I realize it was covered in microfiber — very nice, but deadly in a house with three cats. It would be like having a giant lintbrush in my living room…. not a good idea. The leather should discourage any major furry deposits and I’m not worried about them scratching it, as I have the cats well trained to use their scratching posts.

The new leather couch is extremely comfy — which is an absolute *must* for me. I need to be able to sink into it and Michael needs to be able to stretch out on it, as he occasionally falls asleep watching TV. The armrests have built in pillow-like cushions, as I detest straight sided ones, as they do not lend themselves to curling up in the corner with a good book.

So, anyway — back to work on clearing out a path to the living room for the delivery guys… Better put on some good music to get me moving!

~ Mistress Jade

Two days — and such a contrast between them…

Afternoon Tea

June 6th would have been my Dad’s 85th birthday. I miss him so much…

The loss of Michael’s Dad has brought many of the same feelings of loss from when my own Dad passed away, a little over two years ago. So many things remind me of them both…

I busied my mind with many little things during the day, to try and keep it occupied, so that I would not be dragged down and feel miserable.


My sleep cycle is screwed up again, so in an attempt to reverse it, I stayed up all night and all day.

When dawn arrived on June 7th, I was reminded that it was the 10th anniversary of my most famous and award-winning website. (I’d mention it, but it would be a dead give-away and I still have to be careful of my vanilla identity, however some of my local kink friends are aware of it.)

For the longest time, I had wanted this day to be a real celebration of that achievement, however, after how melancholy I was feeling the day before, I decided that I needed time for me; and that it was only a website, and a day here or there was not going to be a big thing in the big scheme of things. Concentrate on the “here and now” is how I get by sometimes nowaday…

I was feeling rather energetic as the dawn arose and I got some small tasks out of the way. The front lawn was getting rather tall and I decided that I would rather do it myself rather than wait forever for a certain someone else to maybe get around to doing it.

Of course, I had to wait until a more reasonable hour to start mowing, so I wouldn’t freak the neighbours. Luckily it wasn’t too warm out and I had my iPod and my speacial sound-cancelling headphones to make it slightly more enjoyable. At least I got a good work-out from it.

Afterwards, I gave my Saturn a good washing-down, as it had been overdue, then hosed the driveway down of dust and grass trimmings that had been blown over by the breeze. I also hosed down my front patio of some of the leftover potting soil from when I did some transplanting last week.

I then went on to improving the little corner I had set up for myself — installing a bigger and more comfy cushion on my chaise longue and bringing out a tall stool to act as a small tabletop. I brought out my new iPod, this time with my tiny black Sony speakers and chose one of my classical music playlists. I also prepared myself an early light brunch composed of a sandwich, a delicate imported Italian chocolate croissant and a big mug of Earl Grey tea. Last, but not least was my camp hat and my new paperback.

For the longest time, I just enjoyed the sounds of the myriad of songbirds that frequent my neighbourhood, with my sunhat drawn down to shade my eyes, since the sun was now starting to come over the house into the front yard. My oldest cat, Tigger, kept me company — she’s been enjoying being allowed outside a lot more this year, since she has been really good at sticking close to the house. (She was raised as an indoor cat and I’ve never wanted to take chances with her safety.)

After resting for a while, I decided to start on my new book, which I had recently bought on sale – “The DaVinci Code”. I had wanted to read it quite a while ago, but wasn’t prepared to pay hardcover prices for it. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading through the first half of the book, with a background of light classical music, until I was too exhausted to stay awake any longer.

I slept for at least 12 hours and awoke early this morning, at around 6am. I decided to finish reading the rest of my book, which turned out to be a fairly interesting and fast-paced mystery novel. (I’m really not into traditional religions, so the book’s basic premise did not cause me any major spiritual contentions.)


I got an email from my “babyboi” sub today, he’s recently finished school and might be available this weekend. That would be nice, it’s been too long since we’ve spent time together and it would do us both some good. Besides, the back lawn still needs mowing!

~ Mistress Jade

Life must go on…

My Powerbook Laptop

Beverage of the moment: Peach Apricot Honeybush Tea

Seems like I can never find a peaceful moment to catch up with my blogging lately; but I’ve finally carved out a hour’s time for myself, so here goes…

Once again, here I sit at my laptop, sipping my Peach Apricot Honeybush tea and nibbling on fresh clementines, while listening to some calming classical music (Delibes’ Flower Duet), putting my thoughts in digital form. The oldest of my cats, Tigger, has seen me settling in and has decided to join me, hoping for the occasional scritchie as I pause to collect my thoughts.

The past two weeks have had an undercurrent of tension, as my partner’s father has been in the hospital. He’s even undergone surgery, but is suffering from various complications and infections. He can’t really even speak since he is now hooked up to a respirator and has various tubes and such, so one can’t even hold a conversation with him. Michael has been visiting him every evening, tag-teaming with his mother who spends the majority of the day with him. His oldest brother is even flying in from the States this evening to spend the weekend here, so that he can see his Dad himself. He will be coming back up around Christmas, but wanted to see the situation for himself.

I have been hesitant to visit the hospital too much, as it still reminds me too much of my own father’s loss — one that is still rather fresh in my memories. I am fearful for Michael’s father, as his parents have been so very close and supportive to me over the years. I was also worried that I might be coming down with a cold, and since he was in isolation, and now in ICU, I didn’t want to take any chances, even with all visitors being gowned, gloved and masked…

On another note; I did enjoy a wonderful long phone conversation with one of my long-time best friend, Lady Katana, last night. I called her earlier in the evening, but she was on the line with her boyfriend and said she would call me back. Of course, that was more like 1:30am, but knowing me well enough, she was pretty positive that I would still be up — and she was right. We talked for more than 3 hours about all kinds of stuff in our lives, and it did me *so* much good to catch up with her. She has always been such a good friend with whom I can share so many secrets and have heart-to-heart talks with — I can’t imagine how my life would be without her…

Lady Katana and I hope to spend some time again together this coming week; but this time in person. Possibly to go shopping at the local big Chapters bookstore, so she can pick up some Christmas gifts for her extensive family. I haven’t been there in several months, so it will be nice to peruse the shelves once again. Bookstores can be so *dangerous* for me; I always want to bring so many of them home with me, but I have to watch my budget this year, as I still have half of my new laptop to pay off.

Speaking of which, the laptop that I ordered for myself as a combination birthday and Christmas present arrived on November 18th. It is a top-of-the-line custom-configured Apple laptop; with a processor speed of 1.67 Mgz, with 100 GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM (I’ll be adding more RAM later); it also has a built-in CD and DVD burner. I’ve been happily playing around with it since; loading up all my various software applications, games and such; I haven’t even got around to transferring all my data yet as I’ve been so busy with web work. I’ve also loaned it several times for Michael to bring to the hospital with him, so that he could pass time more easily rather than trying to read old magazines.

The other day, as a treat, Michael loaded up Diablo II on the new laptop and networked the two laptops together, so that we could play for a few hours. (I think it’s been something like over 2 years since we last got to play a networked game together.) We propped ourselves up side-by-side, with tons of pillows in the waterbed and I stocked us up with some Glosette peanuts and mini Oh Henrys for nibbling. It was a wonderful evening of fun where we could just forget all our cares for a little while…

Well, I must be going for now; I still have so much web work to do. I still plan on reviewing my last weekend’s activities, when I have a bit more free time…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

St. Jean Day in Montreal


So, I ended up going to see a movie by myself after all… It was good to get out for a drive; the air felt quite fresh after the rain.

Went to my favorite little theater called Dollar Cinema, near the Namur metro station. Everything is a dollar — a buck for admission, a buck for a drink and a buck for a popcorn. And they flavour their popcorn just right, doesn’t need any extra butter or salt.

Watched “Sahara”, based on a novel by Clive Cussler. I’ve read one of his novels before and rather enjoyed it, so I was hoping some of his style would carry through. I understand he had a major dispute with how the filmmakers portrayed his novel. However, if you go there expecting the standard American B-flick action movie, you really won’t be too disappointed. Not bad for an evening’s mindless entertainment.

Also caught up on some of my videotapes when I came back late that night. Got through about 4 hours worth, but of course it’s shorter because of skipping the commercials – I just LOVE that my VCR knows how to do that on it’s own!

Today is a holiday in Quebec – St. Jean, the national francophone holiday. I believe the rest of Canada generally enjoys theirs on August 1st. What is great about it is that we also have Canada Day on July 1st, so it always means that we have two long weekends back-to-back.

I’m debating going outside to mow my lawns for a bit of exercise, if it’s not too hot and muggy…

(Added later: Yes, I did manage to get the back lawn mowed and used the edge trimmer to get all those nasty little weed shoots trying to poke through the patio stones. Then I hosed it all clean before I lost all the daylight. Now I have a good feeling of accomplishment to end the day with. My Dom partner, Master Michael treated us both to some Hawaiian pizza from Domino’s, since it is a long weekend…)

There & Back Again… (with apologies to JRR Tolkien)

Blue Rain

So, I am back from the past few days on the road, from central Nova Scotia, southwards to Halifax and then out to Cape Breton and back again…

We were only in Halifax for a few hours; I was bringing my Mom to some business meeting. Despite some major road construction in downtown Halifax, I was able to find some parking near my favorite little candy shop, called “Freak Lunchbox”. They have the weirdest and most fun stuff there — almost every type of candy you can imagine and some you’ve never heard of. Also, many brands that we normally don’t get in Canada. They even had several types of “Simpsons” brand mints (as in the animated series).

I couldn’t resist buying an old-fashioned potato gun; I haven’t seen one of those things since I was really young. Also, a cherry-flavoured gummy pet rat, some authentic “Turkish Delight” (for any of you who’ve ever read “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”) and various other bags of goodies. I got out of there with my wallet $35 lighter. But at least I’m not alone… apparently Rob Lowe spent over $90 in that store not long ago and Cybil Sheppard called it “A delightful little store”.

From there I ventured up the street and to my utter delight, I discovered a little shop called “Venus Envy” that I had heard about online. They also have another location in Ottawa. Finally found a copy of Midori’s rope bondage book and picked it up. (I know I could have ordered it online, but I am from the old school of those who prefer to leaf through a book for myself to decide whether it’s worthwhile, before plunking down $40-ish CDN for it.)

Also picked up a great sort of DIY book on how to make all kinds of kinky crafts, toys, tools and furniture. Has all kinds of illustrations and photos. I’m looking forward to having fun with that one, as I’ve always loved creating things with my own hands. That one cost me $55, but it’s a huge softcover that is comparable in size to a big Sears catalog. The name escapes me for the moment, because the book is in a bag in my car. (The Better Bondage Book)

I also picked up a tiny but great handbook on Wax Play, that has some recipes on DIY low heat candles, as I’ve been wanting to create my own, in order to better control the quantity and quality of the ingredients. (I’m a stickler for that sort of thing.)

And lastly, 20 feet of exquisitely beautiful black braided cotton rope. I had seen the same rope at my local Reno Depot at around $2.25 a foot, but there it only cost $1 a foot!

So — an expensive outing that lasted only an hour, and I walked out of there about $140 lighter. So, about $175 for the day and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet! (Aren’t Platinum Mastercards wonderful?) Ouch… but I am very pleased with my purchases and will have lots of fun with them when I get back to Montreal.

I showed my Mom the rope when I picked her up after her meeting and she agreed that it was very nice quality and a very good price too. I also told her about the books I bought and I even explained the basics of wax play on the return drive.

(I know I am repeating myself, but I am sooooooo lucky to have such a *amazingly cool* Mom!)

We stopped at the MicMac Mall in Dartmouth for a bite to eat before heading back north out of the city. Stopped at Mom’s place for a few hours nap and supper, before packing the car and heading out for the 4 hour drive to Sydney, Cape Breton.

Only a bit of rain on the way there and some fog and mist, which of course, slowed down the driving again. We arrived at my Uncle’s in Sydney at about 2 am. I unpacked and managed to unwind with a half hour game of Galactic Battlegrounds on my laptop before catching some ZZZZzzzzzs.

The next day was busy running errands and dropping off promotional material around the city while my Mom was attending her conference. I got a fair bit accomplished in such a short time, so I felt quite happy at the end of the day. We got my Saturn packed up again and hit the road at around 8 pm, only minutes before the downpour started.

Have I mentioned how much it’s rained since I’ve been down here?


Well, I’m *really* getting tired of it, as are my aching knees. (I had a hiking accident in Calfornia over 10 years ago and my knees haven’t been the same since…)

We arrived back at my Mom’s a bit after 2 am, but that included a short meal break at a Tim Hortons in Port Hawkesbury. I plugged in my laptop and checked for any important email (again resorting to the agonizingly slow dial-up) and then channel surfed the satellite channels until I was tired/relaxed enough to actually fall asleep.

Was hoping to get some more errands done today (Friday) but the rainy weather (yet again) put a literal damper on things and I took it easy and stayed in and recuperated from the week’s hectic driving schedule around the province.

Not too sure what my weekend holds at this point, as some of it will depend on the weather. I might try to get some work done on my laptop if I’m stuck in again…

Man, I am *so* going into withdrawal from my high-speed cable internet access at home in Montreal — as well as from my usual kinky activities. Ahhhh, but that which does not kill us makes us stronger… or so they say.

So, what does your weekend look like? No rain I hope… Please tell me that you are having more fun and are having better weather than here? TALK TO ME PEOPLE, I’M GOING NUTS OUT HERE!!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon