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How Drag Queens Shaped Today’s Biggest Makeup Trends

An absolutely fascinating look into how today’s current makeup looks (AKA “Insta-makeup” or “Selfie Makeup”) developed from drag queen trends over the years.

Canadian Government Finally Rescinds the Tampon Tax


Starting on July 1st 2015, Canadian women will pay less for feminine hygiene products, as the government *finally* announced that they will be exempting the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on “a supply of a product that is marketed exclusively for feminine hygiene purposes and is a sanitary napkin, tampon, sanitary belt, menstrual cup or other similar product.

Over the years, there has been a lot of pressure on the government to remove the tax on feminine hygiene products, however considering that they made $36,398,387 in taxes on feminine hygiene products in last year alone, they have extremely reluctant to make any changes. Several provinces currently still charge the provincial portion of the tax (PST) on these products and have not yet announced any changes to the tax.

Kosher Climax?

Rabbis have rarely generated so much excitement. At least not in the bedroom. For the first time, Orthodox Jews can buy sexual lubricants that have been declared kosher, and with Tu B’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day, fast approaching, kosher romantics have some new options thanks to Trigg Labs, which announced this week that its line of Wet personal lubricants and intimacy products are now kosher.


As with many great innovations, the lubricant resulted from personal motivation. Sean Smith, president of Trigg Laboratories, which produces Wet, converted to Judaism after marrying a Jewish-Israeli woman.

But what’s the need for a kosher lubricant? Orthodox Jews spread all sorts of cosmetics over their bodies without checking they are kosher. From soaps to exfoliators, moisturisers to medical ointments, observant Jews can use whatever is sold on the mainstream market without checking its origins. Kosher laws don’t apply to products for external use. In fact, according to guidelines by the respected kashrut certifier Star-K: “one may even apply non-kosher ingredients to one’s lips, eg lipstick, lip balm.”

The bottom line is that kosher certification is only relevant to Jews who swallow a product. Really, it’s only necessary for the God-fearing who intentionally swallow it – but some strict observers go further and buy kosher products if there is a risk of accidentally swallowing them.

So although Orthodox Jews haven’t been waiting for the rabbinic nod before using lubes, they have been limited in what they could do with them.

For hundreds of years the Jewish religious establishment has been divided on whether oral sex is allowed as part of a bedroom repertoire; it’s still pretty taboo for public discourse – and the rabbis who have approved the lubes haven’t spelled out whom their certification will benefit. But among Orthodox Jews the significance is clear – 14 years after Rabbi Shmuley Boteach struck a blow for openness by publishing his hit book Kosher Sex this is the first rabbinic innovation to help kosher oral sex. In eight flavours.

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Backpack of Sex Toys Creates Bomb Scare at Wal-Mart


A 30-year-old man with a backpack filled with sex toys and lubricants caused a bomb scare at a Wal-Mart in Aurora, Colorado, on Wednesday.

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Updated Kink Guides

I just updated the Montreal and Canadian Kink Guides here on my blog with a number of new links, including several vendors of BDSM, fetish and kink-related goodies, such as corsets, clothing, toys and furniture.

Be sure to check them out and of course, send me any new Canadian-based kink links that you think might be of interest to my readers…

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Another quiet Christmas

My houseboy toriko has still been looking for a new job once the older offer turned out to not be what they had promoted it to be. As a result, he has been getting a bit frustrated with his job search during the holidays, as very few companies are hiring at this time. I cautioned him not to worry, as the job market would pick up once again as the new year started afresh.

So, my gift from my submissive toriko was for him to stay with us and attend to my every need for two weeks during the end of December and beginning of January. He had already been spending so much time here taking care of me since my return home out of the hospital, that it only seemed natural to extend his stay to include the holidays. As usual, he slept on his mat on the floor at the foot of my bed, so that he could be nearby should I need anything in the middle of the night.

Christmas shopping

I didn’t have much shopping to do for the holidays; however I did make two shopping expeditions; the first to Carrefour Laval with toriko and my painslut JF and the second to Fairview Pointe Claire with toriko and our sweet playmate Roxy. Because of the holiday crowds, I made use of my three-wheeled electric scooter, in order to save my energy and not overtax myself. It was nice to get out with friends, but was still rather tiring because of all the chaos and noise. I was quite happy to pick up some nice geeky toys to spoil the big “boys” in my life…

For my house-mate Lord Michael, I choose a very cool set of remote-controlled “Air Havoc” helicopters; they are small and light enough to fly indoors and can battle each other with small lasers! These should be lots of fun to experiment with in the months to come…


For my submissive toriko, I tracked down an extremely lightweight Bluetooth headset to go with his high-end cellphone; they are quite sleek and it doesn’t hurt that they are also in my favourite colours of red and black. They allow him to listen to his mp3 library on his phone and go seamlessly to any incoming phone call. He just adored them!

Motorola ROKR headphones

I received some money again as gifts from various family and friends, so I picked myself up a few things that I had been eyeing recently; among them was some new aircraft aluminum bondage suspension rings, two large “panic snaps” and about two hundred feet of black and red rope including 50 feet of new “flat rope”.

suspension ring

I am looking forward to the opportunity of putting my newly expanded shibari and suspension rope bondage kit to good use in the new year!

Meeting new friends and old during the holidays

Ever since I’ve gotten out of the hospital, I’ve been craving to get out and be with my friends. Although it was only two weeks; it really felt like I was away for a whole month. The drastic change of weather certainly did not help to make the transition any easier either. So although I am still recuperating, I’ve decided to slowly start attending events again, as the socialization really helps to cheer me up.

munch cup

On December 12th, my submissive toriko and I attended the Saturday Lunch Munch in Lasalle. I hadn’t been able to attend it in quite some time, so it was nice to see the organizers Laird Dave and Lady Renata once again.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Evyl and mellian at the munch. Discovered that we were all a bit geekish at heart and ended up staying another two and half hours *after* the munch ended, just chatting and getting to know each other.

My submissive and I were planning on attending a fetish party at the Sky Complex later on that evening and invited the two of them, but they were unable to make it. Hopefully we will be able to drag them out again in the future to other local BDSM and kink events.


On Thursday, December 20th, my boy toriko and I dropped by the Fétiche Store for a little “Martini Party” that was organized so that newcomers might have a chance to meet some of Montreal’s more experienced community members. It was a bit late by the time we arrived, but it was *so* very nice to see Isabeau again!

While we were there, I had my beautiful boy-toy toriko try on some of the latex t-shirts from Blackstyle. Some of them fit his slender frame quite nicely, but there was one model that looked particularly handsome on him as it complimented his shoulders very well. Most of the shirt was made from black lycra with the front panel in black latex, see-through netting shoulders, with a pair of horizontal net inserts on the chest.

Afterwards, toriko and I went out to dinner nearby with ricky and one of his friends. I find it’s very difficult to go to restaurants nowadays; since I got out of the hospital, I must watch my food intake extremely carefully as I am not allowed more than 8 or 9 grams of fat per day. That’s really hard to do with only a restaurant menu to go by! The waiter however, was extremely helpful in helping to customize a dish that would work for me.


The next night, I attended Isabeau and Sébastien’s Fetish Addiction play party at Station C, along with my submissive toriko. Since it was the holidays, I wore my favourite red leather corset but I couldn’t find a santa hat that fit me in time for the party. I met up with my friends Domina Jade and her partner Master Tommi, Sir Marc and ricky. I got to give some birthday spankings with my giant spanking paddle to a friend of mine, as her birthday had been only a few days earlier.

I met a few new people; including a new female switch “J” who is very new to the community, as well as dark curly-haired submissive “b”, who is apparently an excellent foot massager. I was in the mood to play a bit but my toriko still had a touch of a headache, so I asked ricky to see if he could find a suitable casual play partner for me. He brought “g” to me, whom I had been speaking to earlier in the evening and we negotiated a medium level paddling and flogging. It did me quite a bit of good to get out some of my “play energy” that night, even though it tired me out quite a bit.

After the play party, myself, Sir Marc and toriko walked over to the nearby Club Sandwich for a bite to eat and chat before heading home. I think we must have arrived home close to 6 am and I slept quite soundly and took it easy for the next few days before Christmas.