Maritime BDSM & Kink

Eastern Canada, or the Maritimes as it is often called, encompases the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

BDSM-NB – mailing list of a NB-based BDSM group
Club Halifax – Playgroup for local lifestylers
Fatale Femmes – Kink-friendly, glamour & retro style photographer
Fetish Evenings – Halifax-based kink event
Fredericton BDSM – mailing list of a NB-based BDSM group
Gay Halifax – for all things queer
Gay Halifax Event Listings
Halfway Creations – Makers of quality BDSM toys & gear; particularly well known for their gorgeous chrome-handled floggers
PALS – mailing list for People in Alternate Lifestyles, a Nova Scotia-based BDSM social/support group
Tightrope – Halifax’s only gay brotherhood society
Venus Envy – Halifax store location