Kinky Podcasts

Here is a selection of links to Kinky Podcasts that I have collected over the past few years; hope you enjoy them!

1 Track Mind
Humourous video podcasts about dating, toys, sex and much more…

Fetish Flame
A couple’s exploration into the darker side, including sometimes humourous interviews

Fetish Radio
Morning coffee notes for the kinky-minded

Kinky Sex Radio
Graphic talk about general BDSM topics



Polyamory Weekly
Tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view, hosted by Minx

Rope Weekly
Graydancer’s experiences and thoughts on Shibari, the art of Japanese Bondage

Sex is Fun!
Radio and video podcasts from the wonderfully humourous trio of Kiddar, Lorax & Coochie

The Post Modern Geek’s Guide to Sex
Based out of Dallas, with podcast reviews and miscellaneous neat, naughty and geeky stuff

Violet Blue
Open Source Sex: erotica & sex education