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The Annual End of Year Cycle

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but about this time every year, I get a sizeable upswing in profile views and contact messages through my profiles on various kink-related websites.

End of Year

One could easily assume that kinksters are facing the end of another year and looking forward to making new resolutions for the New Year — and that includes revving up their kink life!

In fact, on one website alone (Alt.com); I’ve received something like 5 times my usual/average amount of monthly views in December alone! This sort of thing continues for the first month or two of the year, as people start feeling a little house-bound and “antsy” because of all the wintry weather…

What does surprise me is the number of male Dominants that view my profile — I mean my profile name alone makes it pretty obvious that I am a FemDomme, so it’s not just casual browsing looking for a submissive. In fact, some of them come back again and again.

Perhaps they are not so “dominant” as they like to appear? I have had so-called “Alpha Doms” come crawling on their virtual knees, begging for play sessions to satisfy their submissive urges — but I have a hard time taking them seriously if they can’t even be honest with themselves and at least list themself as a “Switch”. And of course, they want this all to be “oh-so-discreet”! Seriously? Not gonna happen.

Have any other FemDommes out there had to face this “hidden” side of male Dominants — either in public or private? Please share your experiences, either in the comments below, or by sending an email via this blog.

Review: Fetlife – Social Networking kink-style!

Social Networking

A few months ago, I joined a new website founded a fellow Montreal kinkster known as John Baku. It is called Fetlife and is a social networking site in the vein of Facebook or MySpace, except it is geared exclusively for BDSM, fetish and kink folk!

The place was a little sparse when it first started up, however John is very open to suggestions for improvement and with that in mind, the place has flourished in a relatively short time, with plenty of new members and lots of new features. It is free to join and there are absolutely no advertising banners and such, which is such a refreshing change.

This is my invitation to you to drop by and join Fetlife and while you are there, I also extend an invitation to join one or more of my discussion groups on there:

Montreal & Ottawa BDSM, Fetish & Kink
Montreal FemDomme Society
FemDomme Society of Canada

Looking forward to crossing paths with you over on Fetlife, my ID is “HeadMistress_Jade“, so drop me a note to say hello if you are one of my blog readers and you do join!