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Feast on this!!

Our Canadian Thanksgiving happened a few weeks ago, and next week will be American Thanksgiving — what better time to feast on this yummy video of Katy Perry wearing latex and surrounded by food? Enjoy!!

A Weekend of Family Time & Kinky Time

An interesting weekend filled with both family obligations, and some kinky social time…

My partner Oudjat and I had the weekend to ourselves for a change, and spent the first part of it just chilling out, cuddling and taking it easy. Extremely relaxing!

On Saturday evening, we had a family obligation for a Birthday dinner, with a lovely home-cooked meal and topped it off with a magnificent 5 Layer Chocolate Mocha cake that Oudjat picked out at my favourite local Moroccan pastry shop in his neighbourhood.


After a quick turn-around to my place to freshen up, and pick up our kinky “toy bag” of goodies; we headed downtown to Club L’Espace, our favourite dungeon and kinky social zone. It was a delight to meet up with an old friend, my former submissive “g”, as we hadn’t seen in each other since last December and it was very enjoyable time chatting and catching up with each other.

We stayed at Club L’Espace until closing (after 4am) and headed back home as the morning sun was rising and the sleepy city was slowly coming back awake. I really love that quiet interlude between when the night’s noisy party-makers have already headed home, and Montreal’s early morning workers have yet to make an appearance. It’s a great time to take a nice walk in one of the many parks, or even a slow drive home through the almost-deserted city streets is that much more enjoyable.

I really love my city and it’s many facets!

Fifty Shades of Chicken

The distinguished voice of Sir Patrick Stewart lends a sensual air of authority and dominance to this newly released video. If Fifty Shades of Grey left you hungry and lusting for more, more, more!, satisfy your culinary kink with “Fifty Shades of Chicken“, a titillating collection of tied-and-true recipes.

You might even want to take note of their free online recipe for “Spatchcocked Chicken“…


Back from the Sunday Munch…


Was nice to meet some of the old regulars and some new faces. The restaurant was “La Cage aux Sports” in downtown Montreal — most of us weren’t impressed because the waiter kept screwing up our orders or waiting forever for them… We ended up calling over the manager to try and straighten everything out.

Met a local sub who has graciously volunteered for some of our upcoming “Montreal FemDomme Society” events later this summer and fall. I’m particularly looking forward to organizing some of our “Mistress High Teas”.

Gotta admit though, dessert was pretty decent. My fellow Femdomme, Lady August and I shared a double brownie with ice cream. She and I are “dessert buddies”; we always seem to aim for the same desserts and have the same tastes, so we share one between the two of us so it’s not as sinful. We save the sinful stuff for when we’re Domming…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Heading out to a Sunday Munch…

Caesar Salad

It’s Sunday and I am heading out to one of the monthly Montreal munches in about an hour. I’ll be picking up my Domme friend Lady August Joy, that is, if she gets over her migraine in time. I’m bringing some Motrin for her, just in case…

It will be nice to sit down with people over a meal and chat about everything and anything. Usually there is a good 20-odd people, but those numbers might be lower due to Father’s Day — we’ll see.

Be back to review the proceedings later…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon