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Kink Music Video of the Month: “Nightmare”

Halsey's Nightmare music video

Amazing and beautiful Halsey is back again with a hell of a music vid for her single, “Nightmare”.

The music vid features an all-woman cast that includes appearances by Cara Delevingne and Debbie Harry, as well as latex clothing, schoolgirl outfits and a red rope bondage spider web, with Halsey wrapped in nothing but red rope.

“Nightmare” is a timely feminist anthem, where Halsey angrily sings “I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be.” Another great line: “No, I won’t smile, but I’ll show you my teeth.”

Feast on this!!

Our Canadian Thanksgiving happened a few weeks ago, and next week will be American Thanksgiving — what better time to feast on this yummy video of Katy Perry wearing latex and surrounded by food? Enjoy!!


Video: Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Adam Savage, of “Mythbusters” fame, hosts a brief but fascinating behind-the-scenes look into how the Thermoptic Suit from the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell” film was created out of silicone, as well as the many challenging fitting problems:

Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Amazing level of detail! Gorgeous work of costuming art!

For those who might not be familiar, this is the trailer for the film mentioned above:

Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

Rihanna gets into S&M!

Rihanna exclaims that “Pain is her pleasure!” in her newest video, released on January 31st — however, she is also causing quite a controversy over the music vid’s kinky and sexually-laden imagery.

The video has been reportedly banned in 11 countries and YouTube has put it behind an “adult sign-in wall”. The BBC will not show it before 7pm and there are reports that MTV wants a re-edited version.

Rihanna sings:

“I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.
Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it.
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but chains and whips excite me!”

Kink and fetish has become more and more mainstream over the past few years, and even Rihanna has hinted at it in some of her previous videos such as “Disturbia”. However, has Rihanna’s “S&M” hit the mainstream’s boundary? What do you think?

Christina Aguilera goes totally fetish in “Not Myself Tonight” video!

Christina Aguilera

Christina’s latest video, “Not Myself Tonight”, shows her in a variety of fetish wear, ranging from more standard latex dresses, ballet high heels, wigs of all lengths and styles, all the way to rhinestone bondage and mouth gag.

Have a look for yourself:

An excerpt from a From a 2004 print interview with Christina Aguilera, quotes her as saying:

“If a lover wants to experiment with handcuffs, then that’s fair enough for me! What’s the point of holding back that side of your personality if it’s horny and turns you both on?”

Although she may not win a lot of fans in the mainstream world with this extreme video (by vanilla standards), I’m sure she will gain a growing following amongst the kink community!

So what do you think? Too much, or not enough? What are your favourite parts of the video? (Sane, respectfully-toned comments are welcome…)

Review: Exclusive private Dungeon launch party

Bound and Blindfolded

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday evening (July 10th), propped up with tons of comfy pillows in my waterbed, sipping my Lady Gray tea out of my favorite porcelain dragon mug; quietly listening to my Zen music collection. I have my Tibook laptop with me, and two cats curled up on either side of me, as I ponder Saturday evening’s activities… and so I shall share them with you now my dear reader…

A few weeks ago, I had been invited by a well-known Montreal cross-dresser named Jules, to attend a very exclusive private party for the launch of a new dungeon. If any of you have watched the “Kink” series on Showcase, Jules was one of the main characters that they covered during their Montreal series, which was shown last year. In it, we got a partial view of the industrial shop that would eventually be converted into the dungeon that I would be visiting.

Due to a few last minute incoming phone calls, I was a bit late in getting out and despite Mapquest directions, got a bit turned around, but finally found my way to the address that had been indicated. So, I arrived at about 10:45pm. I was pretty sure that I was in the correct area, and as I parked my Saturn, it was confirmed by the sight of two latex & PVC clad kinksters getting out of their car and heading in the same direction. So much for subtlety…I had packed my leather corset into my shoulder bag – to insure a bit of discretion since it is in a predominantly residential area, secondly because driving in this corset feels like being in a body cast!

The heavy metal door seems quite imposing as it cracked open, to reveal two eager subs that greet us demurely. I feel immediately welcome, because one of them is sabine, the sub of Maitre Pierre & Mistress Catherine, with whom I had enjoyed a party just the previous weekend. We exchanged the traditional Montreal two-cheek kiss, and he gently asked “if he may” and delicately adjusted my heavy jeweled necklace to center it for me. What a sweetie!

I descended a small turning staircase and through a heavy barred jaildoor to enter the new dungeon. Wow, what a sight! The first thing that struck me was the sheer size of the room; it had very high ceilings that were easily 12-15 feet in height. The room itself must have been a good 50-60 feet in length and perhaps 20 feet in width. The walls were painted white and were lit with a few red and blue bulbs, giving a wonderful gentle illumination to the space — not too bright, but not so dim that you couldn’t play properly.

Just to the right as I entered, was a small carpeted sitting and conversation area, with a couch, a chaise-longue and a few wooden armchairs. Above it was a decorative shelf featuring some of Jules’ exotic shoe collection. To the left was a curtained area extending about 15 feet, behind which was a changing room/bathroom and some storage, and just beyond that was an area with a small fridge, coolers of drinks, and a table laid out with shrimp hors-d’oeuvres, crispy snacks and bite-size pieces of pizza, among other things. In the center area, just past the sitting area, was the first of several magnificent pieces of play equipment that were placed strategically around the rest of the dungeon.

As I waited my turn to be able to change into my corset and antique top hat, I spied sabine’s owners, Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catherine (also featured on Kink) and went to greet them and exchange a few pleasantries. I once again thanked them warmly for inviting me to their BBQ/Pool Party the previous weekend, as I had enjoyed myself immensely! I finally got a chance to change and felt immediately much more at ease. I wore my favorite black leather lambskin corset, with my “equipment belt” over it from which hung my thumbcuffs, handcuffs, and into which I had tucked my riding crop and black ostrich plume feather fan. I also wore a floor-length flowing black velvet skirt and my antique top hat — which I had trimmed for this occasion with a strip of red “vet wrap” to match the two red bands in my hair, which I had styled into a french braid and flowed into a long braid that extended past my waist, that was also tipped in red wrap, adding a colourful accent to an otherwise dark outfit.

I began to tour the rest of the dungeon, inspecting the imposing play equipment pieces in detail. The first was a large “inversion” piece that had two “stations” on it — the one on the end of the axle is a X cross, with holes for feet and face and a multitude of straps. The second is hung more in the middle of the axle and is a a seat to which a sub can be very securely strapped in, with their legs slightly apart. There is a large hand wheel at the opposite end, with which one can use to slowly turn the entire contraption, suspending and inverting the strapped-in sub. I got to see it in action later on in the evening and I must say that it is quite impressive. One heavyset sub had received a heavy spanking and flogging while suspended upside down, with her buttocks nicely presented at the perfect height. I also spoke to the two subs, who had each been in one of the two stations, and they were very enthusiastic about their experience. The heavyset sub has particularly impressed at how well she had been supported by the straps and mentioned that she had felt extremely comfortable the whole time — which of course meant that she could concentrate on the sensations being given to her by the Top. Most people had been holding back and simply admired the equipment, but once Jules had strapped in the sub to demonstrate the inversion piece, they loosened up and started playing with their subs on the various pieces of play furniture.

About mid-way in the room, there was a huge metal suspension frame, complete with electric winch to lift the overhead suspension bar. Quite a few of the subs present were practically salivating at the thought of hanging from it’s chains… Towards the far end of the dungeon, were several other pieces including: a very large and imposing wooden chair with rings and tie-down sections, a floor-level piece of furniture that featured many padded areas and supports to which a sub could be strapped in a head-down kneeling position suitable for spanking and paddling.

There was a pair of crosses attached to each other and leaning back-to-back for stability, one being a St. Andrews cross, the other the standard t-shape. There was also a long padded bench, a large wide leaning board with numerous cut-out sections and tie-down sections and lastly, a hanging wrought iron metal cage that resembled some medieval torture device in which a sub’s head and torso could be trapped with their legs hanging out of it. All in all, a very interesting collection of strong, stable and gorgeous play furniture, much better than anything I have seen to date!

All in all, I would guess that there was easily 40-50 people there at the peak of attendance and it looked like the “who’s who” of the Montreal kink community, many of whom were clad in either leather, latex or other exotic fetish styles. I got to see several of my kinky friends and acquaintances.

I didn’t have any of my subs with me to play that night, so instead I enjoyed numerous discussions with a variety of people, and ended up being one of the last to leave at close to 4 am (dawn had arrived). I did, however get a brief chance to speak to Jullianne (Jules’ Mistress and partner in the dungeon) regarding the possibility of reserving it in the future for a potential evening of fun for my new group, the Montreal FemDomme Society — that would be great! I’ll have to see how many people might be interested in such an outing and what the total costs would be to organize it…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

A Domme’s Review: Montreal Fetish Friday June 17th


It’s time once again to catch up on my journalling/blogging from the past week…

Last Friday (the 17th) I attended the Club Sin Fetish Friday by myself; all my usual kinky friends were unavailable or out of town. I was very lucky in finding a parking spot only a few doors down from the club, which is pretty unusual on a friday night in downtown Montreal.

I arrived a bit before 11 pm and the place was fairly populated, but certainly not the crowds one can usually expect on the first fridays of the month. I counted around 80-ish people and as the night progressed, more people trickled in until it reached a maximum of about 125 or so folk. Not terribly crowded, but then again it allowed people to circulate without having to bump into each other.

I snagged a table for myself on the upper level to the left of the stage, which allowed me a good view of the dance floor and the stage presentation later that night. It was Mistress Vanisha with Princess Murielle and Zia, a trio of very young (21 to 24 years) local pro-dommes. Unfortunately, their show was over an hour late and in the meantime they took up most of the dance floor with their props, so almost nobody could dance as a result.

Their show was uninspiring to say the least, rather predictable and certainly nothing new. It seemed a pieced-together piece of play acting supposedly based in a hotel room, designed to try to show off a few fetish type outfits they owned; which in itself was nothing spectacular compared to some of the stuff the audience itself was wearing… There was a fairly conservative teacher type, a bellboy, a bikini top and shorts, a housemaid (not even with the typical french maid outfit) and a nurse — nothing impressive. Overall, I’d give their “show” a 4/10.

I finally got a chance to dance later on. Noticed a very handsome and nubile male sub in tiny leather shorts kept glancing at me on the dance floor. I smiled and nodded at him in a friendly manner, as he seemed to be impressed with my outfit. I must mention that I finally got a chance to wear my antique top hat — and it garnered me a number of compliments over the evening. So I figured that is what he might have been looking at…

I also finally got a chance to introduce myself to “Jules” a local male cross-dresser extraordinaire, who gained a somewhat of a celebrity status after appearing on the recent Montreal season of the “Kink” series on Showcase. He was quite sweet and even gave me an invitation to the launch of a new local dungeon on July 9th. I’ll have to contact him again and see if I can bring a few of my kinky friends…

Late in the night, I noticed Bianca Beauchamp made an appearance; she is a very well-known latex fetish model from Montreal. . She is very tiny and pretty and is best known for her amazing cleavage, 32 DD if I remember correctly. She wasn’t wearing any of her more colourful or revealing latex or fetish outfits, just a skin-toned translucent latex skirt with a matching little jacket/top. She is quite the exhibitionist though, and did get up on the dance floor by herself and was quite wonderful to watch as she danced very sexily, with almost belly-dance style moves — it reminded me of a stage performance she gave at Club Sin several months ago.

Just before closing, that young male sub from the dance floor approached me and mentioned to me in french something to the effect that I had such a nice riding crop and it was such a shame that I did not get to put it to use that night. I replied that since both my male subs were now in Europe and my femsub is currently working two jobs, that I am temporarily “sub-less”.

We got to chatting for a bit; as best we could considering how loud the music was. I don’t think he had ever come across a Domme with a stable and he was very curious that I had one. He mentioned to me how one of his friends is a Dom and pointed him out to me. He is one that I had noticed earlier in the evening doing what seemed to be an extremely heavy flogging on someone’s sub or boyfriend, but he seemed to have no care for the boy’s kidney area — I hadn’t been impressed, but then again it was in a club and hard to tell from 25 feet away. Since it is not a true dungeon club, only a fetish night/play party — there are no official dungeon monitors.

He mentioned that he is quite interested in exploring his Dominant side, but to do so properly he wishes to explore the submissive side first, in order to better grasp what it is all about – something that I can understand. We talked some more before the lights came up and I gave him one of my fetish cards and he gave me his email address. We’ll see if anything more comes of it…

All in all, not a bad kink night, if a little toned down compared to most. It was good to get out, even if it was by myself.

~ Mistress Jade Dragon