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Wolverine the Masochist

Wow, who knew Wolverine had a hard limit for nipple play? ­čśë


Oscar Weekend Domme PJ Party

Oscar Awards

This week is the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. I miss him dearly and I try hard not to be morose about it at this time of year, as I know he would not have liked that, he would have rather that I celebrate his life, not his death. With that in mind, I had my houseboy toriko come by to tidy up the house in preparation for a visit on the weekend.

So I was quite pleased when my dear friend Domina Jade arrived on Saturday. We spent a wonderfully lazy evening, watching my “Bon Cop, Bad Cop” DVD while nestled in piles of pillows on my waterbed. It was great fun recognizing the various landmarks from both Montreal and Toronto, as they showed up during the movie, especially as some of the Montreal ones don’t even exist anymore! Since we were having such a good time, DJ and I decided it would be fun to have her stay overnight.

The next morning, all three of us made a huge breakfast feast in our kitchen; eggs, pancakes and *real* maple syrup, hash browns and toast with really good orange juice. It’s always more fun cooking and dining with friends!

Michael had to run a few small errands for his Mom, so DJ and I continued to stay in and spent the afternoon in bed, watching Sunday afternoon interior design, house makeover and house selling/flip shows. It continued late into the night, as we also watched this year’s Oscar presentations. Things went extremely late, so I ended up driving her home at around 1 am in the morning. We both really had a great time and hope to do something similar again in the future.

Off to the movies… and a Moolatte

Dairy Queen Moolatte

One of my Domme friends is about to head out of the city again and won’t be back until early September, so we’ve decided to make it a Dom/Domme threesome and head out and catch a flick. It’s her choice this time, so we are catching “Land of the Dead” at the Dollar Cinema in central Montreal. She’s about the only one who will watch horror flicks with me!

Afterwards, we are gonna treat ourselves to some “Mega-Moolatt├ęs” at a local Dairy Queen. Gee, I’ve gotten several friends hooked on those this summer. Sooooo, much better than those iced caps over at Tim Hortons, although I do have a thing going for their regular hot French Vanilla cappuccinnos.

Gotta run and start to get ready; gotta beat traffic as the movie starts at 5:30PM.

~ Mistress Jade

St. Jean Day in Montreal


So, I ended up going to see a movie by myself after all… It was good to get out for a drive; the air felt quite fresh after the rain.

Went to my favorite little theater called Dollar Cinema, near the Namur metro station. Everything is a dollar — a buck for admission, a buck for a drink and a buck for a popcorn. And they flavour their popcorn just right, doesn’t need any extra butter or salt.

Watched “Sahara”, based on a novel by Clive Cussler. I’ve read one of his novels before and rather enjoyed it, so I was hoping some of his style would carry through. I understand he had a major dispute with how the filmmakers portrayed his novel. However, if you go there expecting the standard American B-flick action movie, you really won’t be too disappointed. Not bad for an evening’s mindless entertainment.

Also caught up on some of my videotapes when I came back late that night. Got through about 4 hours worth, but of course it’s shorter because of skipping the commercials – I just LOVE that my VCR knows how to do that on it’s own!

Today is a holiday in Quebec – St. Jean, the national francophone holiday. I believe the rest of Canada generally enjoys theirs on August 1st. What is great about it is that we also have Canada Day on July 1st, so it always means that we have two long weekends back-to-back.

I’m debating going outside to mow my lawns for a bit of exercise, if it’s not too hot and muggy…

(Added later: Yes, I did manage to get the back lawn mowed and used the edge trimmer to get all those nasty little weed shoots trying to poke through the patio stones. Then I hosed it all clean before I lost all the daylight. Now I have a good feeling of accomplishment to end the day with. My Dom partner, Master Michael treated us both to some Hawaiian pizza from Domino’s, since it is a long weekend…)

A Restless Domme…

Purple Dragon

I am kind of restless tonight… want to do something but I don’t know what.

I thought of playing some more Diablo 2 – last night I got my female Sorceress up to level 19.

I thought of watching some of my videotaped shows that are starting to be backlogged from the past 2 weeks…

And I am even debating going to see “Sahara” at the Dollar Cinema downtown. Maybe the drive would do me some good to get out of the house. It’s refreshingly cool out this eveing, with the light afternoon rain having cleansed everything…

Hmmmm….. what to do?

~ Mistress Jade Dragon