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Walmart Toe Sucker Goes To Jail


“A North Carolina man accused of sucking a woman’s toes at a Walmart pleaded guilty on Thursday April 10th, and was given a 60-day sentence. Michael Anthony Brown was arrested and charged with assault on a female in March after police say he approached a woman in a Lincolnton Walmart.

“The woman said Brown started a conversation with her, saying that he was a podiatrist student. The victim told police Brown talked her into trying on several pair of shoes in the shoe department. The woman then told authorities Brown allegedly took her foot and stuck it into his mouth and began to suck on her toes.”

“He is a registered sex offender with a history of similar crimes, including multiple incidents of touching women’s feet in Concord. Back in September of 2000, he approached a woman who was sitting on her porch, showed a knife and told the woman to let him see her shoe, according to an investigation report attached to a Cabarrus court file. Police accused Brown of sucking on the woman’s toes and committing a sexual act involving her feet.”

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Been out of commission as of late…

Well, the new year 2010 has not been a particularly good one for me so far — at least on the health front…

Shortly after New Years Day, I managed to strain an old back injury quite badly; necessitating the better part of 3 to 4 weeks of recovery. Unfortunately, most of that time was spent flat on my back in bed — with an electric heat pack and painkillers. Not a particularly productive month, to say the least! sigh

Woman with back pain

Just as I was starting to get some semblance of slow mobility back around the middle of February, I caught a nasty cold. At first it took it’s usual run, with sneezing, sniffling, sore throat and coughing. But then, the sore throat got worse and so did the coughing — *really* worse. Like, muscle-cramps-in-my-upper-back-from-coughing-so-hard and I-can’t-get-any-sleep-because-of-the-coughing kinda worse. I have days were I have almost no voice because of the coughing or because I could barely breathe. Talk about non-consensual breath play!!

So, after suffering over a week of that, I figured that something else serious had developed from the cold. Based on years gone by; I know that I am particularly prone to upper respiratory infections; so I made the trek out to one of the emergency clinics on the West Island early on a Sunday morning. At least that way there wouldn’t be much of a crowd as usual, and my Sweetheart would be able to keep me company. After a relatively short 2.5 hour wait (I’ve known people to wait 6 hours or more in other clinics or to be outright turned away); my suspicions were confirmed — I have a case of acute bronchitis. (At least it had not degenerated into pneumonia!)

Woman with inhaler

I’ve had this before and it tends to really stick longer with me than with most folks. It was not caused by a bacterial infection, so antibiotics were not necessary or recommended. At least I got a prescription of some inhalers to help me breathe more easily. The inhalers have done a good job so far, in that they allow me to finally get some sleep! I was barely managing on 3-4 hours a day, because every time I lay down, I’d start coughing up and feel like I was choking and couldn’t breathe. The sleep has done me a lot of good, but I still have a long way to go before I’m completely well again.

So, long story summarized — I’m still mostly out of commission for the next while and will be restricting my activities in order to be able to rest and recuperate. I want to be able to enjoy Spring when it finally arrives!! So don’t worry too much if you are one of the Montreal locals and haven’t seen me lately; it’s only temporary and I hope to be back out and active as soon as my health allows…