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The Joys of Sex Toys – Private diversions or illegal tools?

Joys of Sex Toys

Sometimes I come across things that just make me appreciated more and more that I live in Canada, and more particularly in Montreal…

I just read an article about a woman named Joanne Webb in Fort Worth, Texas who was arrested in November 2003 for selling sex toys at a “passion party” in a private home. Now the woman is fighting hard to overturn the state’s obscenity law.

The Burleson Police said that she broke obscenity laws by selling a vibrating dildo to two undercover officers posing as a couple. Apparently she could be facing up to a year in jail. No trial date has been set yet while Webb’s attorney challenges the Texas obscenity law in federal court.

The thrust of the legal argument is, ladies and gentlemen, couples have a right in their home to privacy and to be able to purchase items in connection to their relationship without fear of arrest,” Webb’s attorney, BeAnn Sizemore, said.

On the one hand, you can have Bob Dole on public television shouting the praises and the joys of Viagra, but when a woman goes into a private home and talks to women about how they can achieve the same kind of joys, it’s a criminal offense,” she said. “I continue to fight. I continue to push my business to help women,” Webb said. She also stated she would continue her invitation-only parties, even if it means risking another arrest. Burleson police won’t talk about the case anymore, nor will the county attorney (probably too embarrassed). With no court dates set, the case could drag on for months.

Also this week, the courts also upheld Mississippi’s ban on sex toys, where it joins Texas and Alabama as states where it is legal to buy guns but not vibrators! In these states, you can apparently easily buy a gun at a show, buy semi-assault weapons and carry concealed handguns — but will get arrested if you buy or sell a sexual aid. Are the private sex lives of it’s citizens really a greater threat to the American public safety than bullets and guns?

As I said; just makes me more grateful that I live in Montreal where kink is cool… and people are more open-minded about love, sex and the kink lifestyle. After all, sexuality is a part of life and should be enjoyed as much as good food and friends. Wouldn’t you agree?

~Mistress Jade Dragon