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Video: Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Adam Savage, of “Mythbusters” fame, hosts a brief but fascinating behind-the-scenes look into how the Thermoptic Suit from the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell” film was created out of silicone, as well as the many challenging fitting problems:

Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Amazing level of detail! Gorgeous work of costuming art!

For those who might not be familiar, this is the trailer for the film mentioned above:

Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

Avengers Line of Sex Toys Spoof

A very creative artist by the name of Sarmai has designed a spoof line of fake Avengers-themed sex toys, based on the characters of Marvel’s “The Avengers”. I’m sure there are some of you out there that can appreciate the humour and artistry in these!

Avengers Sex Toys – The Hulk Dildo

One of my favourites is the Thor Electrical Stimulator:

Avengers Sex Toys: The Thor Electrical Stimulator

The full Avengers range includes a total of 6 pieces of pleasure:

• Captain America – silicon vibrator
• Iron Man – twin motor vibrator
• Thor – electrical stimulator
• Hawkeye – G-spot vibrator
• Black Widow – discreet clitoral stimulator
• Hulk – 12” silicone dildo

Have a peek at the full line of images:
Sarmai: Fake Avengers Sex Toys