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Letting sleeping houseboys lie…

During the past few months, whenever my houseboy toriko stayed overnight, I have allowed him sleep on our new comfy leather couch. However, apparently my pretty boy hasn’t been sleeping well because his back requires a much firmer surface.

About three weeks ago, toriko stayed up very late one night setting up the air conditioner in my bedroom for me. Since it was really a very hot and muggy night, I allowed my pretty houseboy the privilege of sleeping nude on the floor at the foot of my bed so that he could also stay cool and comfortable.

Although toriko stated that he had absolutely no problem with sleeping on the bare hardwood floor; being a creature of comfort myself, I could not imagine that could be very restful since he needed to be at work extremely early the next day. So I ordered him to roll out a thin mattress pad from my storage room for him to use instead of the bare floor.

This worked out quite well – as my boy was not far away when I had a coughing fit in the wee hours of the morning and he promptly fetched me my glass of ice tea and a cough drop, so that I was able to fall back asleep fairly quickly.

I’ve been so pleased with this set-up, that as a result I’ve been allowing toriko to continue with this special privilege whenever he stays overnight. I have him at my instant beck and call should I require him, and my lucky pet is extremely happy with his sleeping mat on the floor.

I find that I rather like the thought of having my beautiful dark-haired boytoy sleeping naked at the foot of my bed. Besides, he looks so cute, peaceful and innocent when he is sleeping — it just inspires me to want to do wicked and nasty things to him all the more… hehe!