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Straight Guys Reacting to Gay Porn

On a similar vein to yesterday’s video, here’s one showing heterosexual men’s reaction upon viewing gay sex videos for the first time…

Fifty Shades of Chicken

The distinguished voice of Sir Patrick Stewart lends a sensual air of authority and dominance to this newly released video. If Fifty Shades of Grey left you hungry and lusting for more, more, more!, satisfy your culinary kink with “Fifty Shades of Chicken“, a titillating collection of tied-and-true recipes.

You might even want to take note of their free online recipe for “Spatchcocked Chicken“…


Kinky Tennis Anyone?

A commercial for the new tennis video game “Top Spin 4” is drawing a lot of attention and controversy, thanks to an appearance by real-world tennis star Serena Williams … and her very curvy derrière.

In the ad, Serena dons studded bracelets, lace-up thigh-high stockings and a sleek black bodysuit that seems more appropriate for a night of BDSM and fetish rather than an afternoon of well, you know, tennis.

The video shows plenty of butt shots and sweaty cleavage as well as lots of sexy grunting — and makes this video game of tennis into something out of a teenage boy’s wet dream, as they call out “Yes, Mistress Serena, hit me again!”